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El Monte, California students with their teacher, Chris Lewis (4th from right), and their copies of A People's History of the United States from the Teaching Outside the Textbook class set.

July 2010

We have much to celebrate and share with you this month, including your Teaching Outside the Textbook stories, media coverage, and other news. You can help us spread the word by passing out bookmarks, posting information to your school's list-serv or other lists you are on, and becoming a fan of our Facebook page -- details below.
Teaching Outside the Textbook Stories and Press
We are pleased to announce that 20 teachers from across the country are receiving class sets of A People's History of the United States. These teachers' names were selected from the almost hundred who responded when we asked for stories about teaching a people's history, or "teaching outside the textbook."

The essays were full of inspiring examples of how a people's history is being taught in middle and high school classrooms, and how teachers were introduced to Howard Zinn's work and are using Zinn Education Project resources. The essays also told of how students respond to learning a more complete version of U.S. history. The list of teachers who took the time to share their story is posted here.
People's History Teachers in the News
Some teachers receiving their classroom set of books were covered by local media:

tott - newspaper article
Angelica Chavez in The Camarillo Acorn
by Michelle Knight
It's difficult to distinguish Angelica Chavez from her students at Adolfo Camarillo High School. A little more than a decade ago, the 29-year-old U.S. history teacher was sitting in their seats.
Chavez didn't like history then. She felt, like many critics of traditional history books, that U.S. history is told solely from the perspective of the controlling class. Many students find history boring because it presents a one-sided narrative, Chavez said.
Read more here.

tott - jeff matlock
Jeff Matlock in Santa Cruz Good Times 
by Elizabeth Limbach
Matlock was a history buff from an early age. He hardly had to study for tests and could spout off historical dates without fail. But it wasn't until he picked up a copy of Zinn's A People's History of the United States as a teenager that history became more than dates and places for him.

"I felt like my world totally opened up into something I'd never thought of before," he remembers. "I never saw history as being something that could be less than concrete. I thought 'these are facts, this is the way it is.' But what Zinn taught me was that nothing is absolute."

tott - mica perez
Mica Perez on San Antonio Fox29
 by Karen Martinez
"A local teacher with the Henry Ford Academy is being honored for reaching beyond the textbook."
 Watch 55 second story on YouTube.

Thank you to HarperCollins, Seven Stories Press and The People Speak for their generous book and DVD donations.
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Teaching Outside the Textbook Across the Country
THE PEOPLE SPEAK LIVE! Presents to Packed House
YES! Magazine Features Zinn Education Project
People's Memorial for Howard Zinn in Boston Raises $1000 for Zinn Education Project
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The Most Dangerous Man in America
Airs on POV
Oct. 5 at 9 PM EST

most dangerous man dvd

 The filmmakers of the Oscar-nominated film about the life of Daniel Ellsberg, "The Most Dangerous Man in America," asked the Zinn Education Project to create the teaching guide for the film. We're honored to be working on this important project. Stay tuned for details. 
Zinn Education Project and Voices of a People's History Present THE PEOPLE SPEAK LIVE! to a Packed House

ncore-people speak program cover
On Friday, June 4, the Zinn Education Project and Voices of a People's History collaborated to host a performance of THE PEOPLE SPEAK LIVE! at the 2010 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education in National Harbor, MD.

We would like to thank the readers for their time and putting on a dazzling performance. Readers included spoken-word champion Regie Cabico, educator and Civil Rights activist Wilma Consul, hip hop DJ Earth 1ne; Emmy award-winning journalist Renee Poussaint; teacher and theater director Ashley Semple; hip hop artist and writer, and Teaching for Change board member PJ Urquilla; and sports commentator and author David Zirin.

An extra special thank you to Brenda Coughlin of Voices of a People's History for her organization, direction, and energy to bring this all together.
Yes! Magazine Recommends Zinn Education Project

yes image preview
We are honored that YES! Magazine featured the Zinn Education Project as the lead story in their May 2010 YES! Education Connection Newsletter.

The article begins: "If we want the world to be a better place -- who would argue with that? -- it is critical for students to rethink from the limited lens of dates, battles, and famous heroes -- to study 'a people's history.' YES! recommends the brilliant Zinn Education Project and its resources to provoke and engage your students as they try to make sense of race and the role it-along with class and gender -- has played in shaping society."
Subscriptions to the Yes! Education Connection Newsletter are free.
A People's Celebration of Howard Zinn in Boston on May 15
Photo by: Charngchi Way/Susie Husted.
lauren cooper in boston
Raises $1000 for Zinn Education Project
On May 15, 2010, the Zinn Education Project was pleased to participate in A People's Celebration of Howard Zinn held at the Old South Church in Boston, MA. Lauren Cooper, a Teaching for Change coordinator for the Zinn Education Project, was one of the speakers. Others included Bob Moses, Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and founder of The Algebra Project, Mariama White-Hammond, Executive Director of Project HIP HOP (Highways Into the Past - History, Organizing, Power)Mike Prokosch, staff member of Community Labor United, Myrna Morales of the Progressive Librarians Guild, Michael Spinnato, member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace, and many more.

Donations received over the event expenses were donated to the Zinn Education Project, raising $1,000 for our work. We would like to thank the organizers for their time, coordination, and generosity.

More photos and Lauren Cooper's presentation.
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