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What's not Blooming!

But it was blooming a few months ago - and looked like an end-of-summer
fireworks celebration!
This is late snakeroot, the (usually) last perennial to bloom in my garden,
and now cut back and under 50cm of snow.

    I took this photo just before leaving in September - planning to put together an email then, but life and a lot of travelling intervened. As you can see in the background, the autumn colours were just beginning.

    I returned in late October to find the colours over and the snakeroot long gone - though I did find a lone, lorn, little delphinium bloom bent low under early snow. The delphinium really should have the title of "last bloom 2008", even if it was a forced second blooming after being cut back. Don't know if that counts.

    I always look forward to seeing this snakeroot bloom, though it heralds the end of summer. Sometimes the blooms are very wiggly, bending in every direction and looking as though the name "snakeflower" would be more appropriate, but this year they were straighter and reminded me of a fireworks display.  I don't know its name - do you?  It has darker foliage and blooms later than my other varieties. It did really well this past summer, since it doesn't like to be dry ...  and we weren't dry!  Didn't need to water once all summer and we wouldn't be dry now either, if all the snow on the ground were water.

    Looking out the window now at the white, bright winter landscape it's hard to imagine a colourful garden out there. I look forward to next year - particularly since I managed to get some weeding done before putting the garden to bed.  However,  I love winter, and am eager to try out my new pair of back country skis...

 Whatever the weather wherever you are - enjoy the holidays!
Edie Jane Eaton, Tellington Method Instructor, Feldenkrais Practitioner.
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