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Listening To Whispers by Edie Jane Eaton

What's Blooming - October 2007

Hello all,

Here's the latest photo! [Note! Click image for a larger view.]

Nimbus in the gardenThis photo makes it look as though everything is green and white ? though fading pink and yellow overwhelms the rest of the garden.   I picked this shot since it features my new cat Nimbus ? from the Calgary SPCA, of all places!

I was teaching there in August and met him - full of mats and grunge.   We spent two lunchtimes clipping and cleaning him to increase his chances of adoption. It worked: I found I couldn't bear the idea of not having him living in my household. He was so wonderfully tolerant of all we did, so friendly and easy-going. He's a Quebec cat now - after a flight with Westjet cargo - and settling in pretty well, making the most of any opportunity to explore the place and meet the other cats and the dogs. They are still trying to make sense of him, but it looks as though it will be just fine, and he may help my timid cats become a bit more confident.

What's blooming at this point are a lot of relationships. May they all bear fruit!

All the best,

Edie Jane


A review of the North American events coming up in the next few months . . .


October 20, 2007
A one-day TTEAM Clinic with Horses at Ballyhaven Centre for Animal Wellness. Consecon, ON, Canada. Contact: Sharon Agnew-O'Brien 613-392-1972 or email Ballyhaven Centre.

November 16 - 18, 2007 Kanab, Utah. Recovering Joy! A Three-day TTEAM clinic at - Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Proceeds to benefit Best Friends Animal Society. A wonderful opportunity to learn TTEAM work in a magical place. Best Friends is at the heart of the Golden Circle of national parks that include the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell. For more information click here.


October 27, 2007
Lascelles, QC - Ottawa Area Create Confidence, Overcome Fear with Debby Potts. Join a small group in a safe and fun environment to learn effective and simple techniques for replacing fear and anxiety with composure and confidence. What would you do today - tomorrow - next year - if you didn't feel fear or didn't let it stop you? How much more could you enjoy and open yourself up to life's experiences? For more information click here.

Companion Animals:

October 28 - Nov. 2, 2007
Rupert, QC - Ottawa Area. Tellington TTouch for Companion Animals taught by TTouch instructor Debby Potts. Introductory session and ongoing practitioner training. For more information click here.

For More Information: · (819) 459-2110 ·

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