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Listening To Whispers by Edie Jane Eaton

What's Blooming - July 2007

Hello all,

Two photos this time! [Note! Click images for a larger view.]

Misty in the Summer GardenThe one with the horse (Misty, a visitor for the recent TTEAM workshop), shows a white clematis behind the opening pinkish lilies. It is a mass of white stars, smells heavenly, and grows on a thick stemmed and leaved bush. I wish I knew it's name. By the way, the photo that's still on the website from a few weeks ago also features a clematis - a lovely and unusual blue one which is a kind of clematis integrifolia. I'll leave it there a day or so more in case you haven't seen it.

I have just come home from a week away, and before I left there were bluebird parents and their early summer offspring feeding babies in the bird box on the fence. I checked the box yesterday and it appears they all survived, fledged, and have flown. I'll miss the blue blur of their wings across the garden.

Summer Garden photo by Nancy BrooksThis picture was taken by Nancy Brooks at the garden photography workshop with Adrienne Herron. The deep orange flower (I can't track down their name - anyone know it? helio-something) has finally found a place where it can thrive. It has had to cope with my moving it all over the garden (much to my gardening neighbour's distress), but I'll leave it alone from now on. It fits that charming description: "does well where happy"!

Happy summer everyone!

All the best,

Edie Jane

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Edie Jane . . .

I'm looking forward to two TTEAM events with horses that are coming up - one at Cindy Pullen's brand new farm in Lakeland, Georgia, for three and six days starting September 14.

The other is at the beautiful Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, and is especially focused on working with horses with a history of abuse or neglect. It's called "Recovering Joy", and is being held November 16 to 18. Anyone intending to attend the workshop should plan to spend a few extra days in the midst of the magic of the animals and landscape of Best Friends.

The next events on my calendar are the August animal communication workshops with Lauren McCall, and following that several companion animal trainings scattered around the globe - the first close to home in Calgary, Alberta, hosted by the new, beautiful shelter.

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Other TTEAM for Horses and TTouch for Companion Animals workshops!


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