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What's Blooming - Spring 2007

Hello all,

Here's the latest photo! [Note! Click image for a larger view.]

What's Blooming - Spring 2007The night lights still hang in the lilac - though no longer lit - and I shall have to replace them with LED’s for next winter. It promises to be a good year for lilacs, and my precious viburnum (Juddii) is blooming for the first time! The trees are delicately coloured with the lovely pale green of spring leaves, and some of the early flowering trees are showing buds. Everything is coming to life, and we wait for rain to make things really burst forth!

My blue river of grape hyacinths is barely visible in the background of this photo - it needs still more bulbs, and maybe next year it will be worthy of center stage. The white (styrofoam) hats I put over roses and clematises (clematii?) seem to have worked - somewhat. I was pushing it with a St. John’s Wort - the shrubby type - and didn’t succeed. I shall resist the temptation to pull it out in case there’s something coming up from the roots. It’s hard to be patient in the midst of the vibrancy of spring. A good lesson, I suppose, since I need to learn patience for another reason: I’m tottering around in a cast after breaking my leg. (slipped on wet grass in the early hours of an icy morning two weeks ago, and jammed my foot against a step - healing very well, however, with the help of Homeopathy and a removable air cast.)

Happy spring everyone, and - if you are local - remember about the Garden Photography workshop coming up in July with Adrienne Herron!

All the best,

Edie Jane

Upcoming Events

June 22-24, 2007
Paint! Write!

A workshop for painters and writers - and anyone ready to try their hand with both. Bella Halsted has been leading workshop/retreats for over twenty years, and will help you find whole new worlds of expression. Enjoy the weekend in a comfortable and beautiful environment, with space for solitude or sociability, while nourished by delicious and healthy food.

July 14, 2007
Garden Photography

Summer will be in full swing, and gardens in full bloom. Learn how to preserve that beauty with your digital camera. Adrienne Herron will be teaching a one-day workshop, sharing the skills that make her own pictures so stunning.

August 3, 2007
Losing a Loved Animal
An evening workshop drawing on Lauren McCall's years as a professional animal communicator. She offers insights into how animals view life and death, and shares information and an exercise that can help us understand the animal's perspectives and be comforted by them.

August 4-5, 2007
Making the Connection

In this weekend workshop with Lauren McCall, you will learn the basics of how to communicate with animals. This is a fun, interactive class, restricted to a small group so that Lauren can give you plenty of individual attention as you explore and develop your own innate ability.

Plus . . .
Several TTEAM for Horses and TTouch for Companion Animals workshops!

For More Information: · (819) 459-2110 ·

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