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Working Through Anxiety
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GAFF and Clamorous Clan
Universal Love ~ Matty Z
Dare to Be Happy
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Guidance from Elder Brother
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Quotes from A Course in Miracles, original edition

"Give up gladly everything

that would stand in the way of your remembering,
for God is in your memory,
and His voice will tell you that you are part of Him
when you are willing to remember Him
and know your own reality.


~ A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Original Edition CH 9 IX 69 




           Our MAY issue begins with an article by Corinne Zupko titled "Working Through Anxiety With 'A Course in Miracles'". At one point in her life, Corinne experienced intense anxiety and panic attacks which she describes as terrifying.  By practicing the principles of A Course in Miracles, Corinne discovered that the anxiety which semed to be unresolvable ended up being "one of the most growth-enhancing experiences in my life". Today, Corinne has become a coach, counselor, college professor, wife, meditation teacher, and mosaic artist. 


           J. Michaels returns to our Newsletter with another one of his poems, "Will to Mind" from his collection Odd Duck. A longtime ACIM student and lifelong student of the human mind and spirit, J. Michaels has authored books in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Please visit our CIMS blog to read a review of J. Michael's book, Treasure of the Mind.          


           GAFF is holding his own on his miraculous spot of beach as MAY brings on the 'Clamorous Clan'. As we all know, GAFF is a marvelous and wise fictional character developed by Dr. Lorena Peter in her book "Gaff: Wisdom from the Sea". The article Gaff and the Clamorous Clan is written specifically for our Newsletter by Dr. Lorena Peter. 


           We are thrilled to announce the inclusion in this issue, and for the first time in our Newsletter, of a ~MUSIC~  Section.  And, the first Course in Miracles artist we are presenting is "MATTY Z" who is sharing music from his album "Universal Love"! It is our pleasure to share his music at this time as he will soon be going on tour and looking forward to seeing all of you!   


            Daniel Tipton's DARE TO BE HAPPY segment continues with his fifth article which he has titled: Listening.  As you may know Daniel is participating in the CMC ministerial program and is an active member of the Course in Miracles Omaha Study Group. In this article, Daniel shares with us a private glimse into his conversation with Guidance.


            CIMS member Carmen Cameron continues her ongoing Carmen's Good Questions section this month with  the  QUESTION: Can two people receive authentic guidance on an issue even if that guidance is completely opposite for each?  Check out Carmen's ANSWER ;-]

            And finally, we have the continued Guidance from our Elder Brother as received and scribed by Sun~Rose. This article offers Guidance on Anxiety and Panic.  


           The commentary on the 53 Miracle Principles, as these principles appear in the original edition [oe] published by CIMS, and in previous CIM newsletters, is now available in a book by Sun~Rose entitled: "YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: Prep Notes for Experiencing God's Love".
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Working Through Anxiety
with "A Course in Miracles"
 by Corinne Zupko*
Inner Balance Living
This Zendala represents the journey to Love. The ultimate goal, the center, is sure.  We may get caught in fear and stray off the path, but when we look within,
we find our way back to peace.
There is nothing to fear.

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       Forty million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders.  I considered myself one of them at one point in my life. Anxiety is an experience so common that there are many helpful treatments available, but ultimately, for me, there was only one approach that truly helped.  It was "A Course in Miracles."

      The Course states unequivocally that, "Depression is an inevitable consequence of separation. So are anxiety, worry, a deep sense of helplessness, misery, suffering, and intense fear of loss" (Original Edition Workbook p. 52). If anxiety is a consequence of the separation, the problem needs to be worked on at this deep level of mind.  Although we believe we really are these separate ego identities that have separated from God, the Course, thankfully, assures us that we are mistaken.  A Course in Miracles gently leads us to this realization, and as we slowly begin to trust the Holy Spirit's Voice more than our fearful ego voice, we find that the blocks we have put up against truth (like anxiety) begin to fall away. 

When caught in the terrifying state of anxiety, however, what can one do?  There are a number of lessons and ideas that help to begin the shift out of a fearful state. Practicing lessons such as Lesson 48, "There is nothing to fear" or Lesson 199, "I am not a body I am free" or focusing on the thought that "God is with me, I cannot be deceived" can begin to shift the mind away from its fearful thought patterns and bring an opening, allowing the negative thoughts to be replaced with the healing thoughts of the Holy Spirit.

       We need to remember that the Course is asking us to look WITH the Holy Spirit at EVERY belief that we hold.  So the way through the anxiety (or any difficult period), is to not evade or avoid it but to look at what thoughts we are holding onto in our minds and then, WITH the Holy Spirit, keep turning them over to Him every time the thoughts come up. We are asked to be vigilant and watch our minds.  It is also helpful to question what the anxiety is for.

       Well, what IS anxiety for?

       The Course says that the purpose of pain (psychological or physical) is to keep us believing that we are our bodies.  Pain shrieks loudly. It hurts, so we make our first mistake and make it real for ourselves by our judging what the bodily sensation is and then labeling it. Identifying and then holding to this familiar sensation, our perception assures us that this pain-body is who we are, and therefore we do not look beyond it. In fact, we must finally come to a place where we want to look beyond it with the Guide God has given us.

Lesson 136 offers a great way of explaining what our struggle is for: "Sickness is a defense against the truth." You can substitute many different words for the term sickness.... Depression is a defense against the truth, addiction is a defense against the truth, anxiety is a defense against the truth..." and so I have used anxiety to defend against the truth, because when it is present to me, it is all consuming, and it becomes very difficult to listen to the Holy Spirit.

       The process of working through anxiety (or any problem for that matter) is by working at the root of the problem - my identity with my small self and my belief that I am separate.  I am not this body-identity called Corinne - I am a holy Son of God, as is each and every one of us.  As we playfully say in our Course in Miracles group, "You are not _____{insert your name here}!"

       Here is a nice perception shift about anxiety ....  



Continued in FULL ARTICLE    




*Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., M.A., C.P.C., is a speaker, adjunct professor, coach, writer, and meditation teacher. Corinne began her work with the Course in 1996 after struggling with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. By practicing the Course principles, "what appeared as terrifying and unresolvable, ended up being one of the most growth-enhancing experiences in my life." Her growth and healing journey led her into a career in the helping professions where she is passionate about helping others find and connect with their inner truth. 



For more information, Corinne is a regular contributor at :  and   


The contents of this article are not medical advice. See a medical or mental health professional if you need to.  The Course says that there is nothing wrong with doing so.





Will to Mind
 by J. Michaels* 



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It breaches the intellectual

Exceeds beyond time and space

Entering realms incomprehensible

Looking angels in the face

Communicating without words

Thought not required at all

Knowledge shared through being

In love that heard our call

So much more than expected

More than can be known

By minds locked in separation

Restraining the holy flow

Treasures beyond imagination

Await in mindful prayer

For the one pure moment

When Sons of God declare

Dissatisfaction with the normal

And will to Mind most fair



From Odd Duck by J. Michaels- copyright 2011



          *J. Michaels

          Writer, Storyteller & Poet




 J. Michaels


Gaff and the Clamorous Clan
Thoughts of a Fisherman
By Dr. Lorena Peter*
                                                       Back to Top


               Chill was just drifting out to sea when Gaff arrived at the beach. May. School was still in session and the sun wasn't quite hot enough to draw the hordes that crowded the sand during the summer. This was the weekend and there would be those visitors who wanted to get a jump on the fun, usually pushed by the kids. A smile. He missed those days with his children.

He unloaded chair, cooler, fishing rods. He pounded the flag into the sand beside his chair, awaking the thwap, thwap rhythm of its flapping. Sounds of people drifted his way. Up and down the beach he saw groups coming over walkways.

Cut bait. Family from the blue house was erecting a shade tent, laughing as they worked. Bait hooks. Little girl to his left squealed at the cold water and then splashed in giggling. Cast lines. Harsh yelling from somewhere behind. Greet Mother Water. Disturbance got closer. He sighed. Gaff shook his head because the harsh commands and screamed threats sounded familiar. What about his peace? The old fisherman turned to see the Clamorous Clan. He shrugged, watching.

Same ritual. Thrust and parry. Mother controlled; sons manipulated. Too bad. He hadn't seen them in months, but they were still stuck, stuck in the unhealthy patterns. He turned to tend his lines, hoping for the big one. Maybe this time.

Her voice arrived before she did. "Hello, fisherman. You still here?"

He turned to see the mother of the Clamorous Clan marching down the beach in his direction. Gaff watched her as he waited, hands on hips. He shook his head at the frown dimming her light.

She shouted. "What are you so angry about? How could you be so pissed off this early in the morning?" She looked around his spot. "Looks like you just got here. Somebody made you mad already?"

He could see her misinterpretations, quick to anger. "Just got here."

She looked at the giggling children in the surf just past him. "Those kids bothering you? You get so angry about kids playing in the waves, you ought to move down the beach."

He watched, more misinterpretations. There was movement behind her.

George Cauley was coming their way along the water line. He was limping pretty bad this morning and the scowl on his face told Gaff how much he hurt.

The CC mother was fussing about ....


Continued in FULL ARTICLE 





*Lorena Peter, Ph.D., writes entertaining mysteries, romances and wisdom books. All Gaff By the Seahave strong spiritual underpinnings and paranormal elements. She blends a medical intuition and healing practice (and travel) with her writing. For more information go to WWW.LORENAPETER.COM. You may contact her on Facebook. For her understanding of the Course, she thanks Carmen Cameron and the class in Louisville, KY. Dr. Lorena Peter is also the author of the delightful book: Gaff: Wisdom from the Sea.





Universal Love  

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Dear Friends in Light,


The Holy Spirit is healing me through music! For over 20 years He has been sharing Divine Insight with me through song. Each one, a specific idea, designed to increase alignment with His Truth. The music, being inspired by the practical application of The Course, creates an environment of spontaneous revelation; The experience of freedom and joy.


I am honored to share these songs with you today. Thanks so much for listening!


In One Love,


Let's Just Go Home



Stop Making Plans For Another Day.

Stop Thinking About The Things You Say.

Stop Doing Time...Stop Today.

Let's Just Go Home...Let's Just Go Home...


It's Not Outside, It's Not Out There.

You're Making It All Up, You're Running Scared.

For No Good Reason, You've Never Dared,


To Just Got Home...To Just Go Home...


Is It Funny, The Things I Say?

Does It Move You To Think This Way?

Do You Really Think That You Know Something?

Can You Make Sense? I Didn't Think So...

I Didn't Think So...But It's O.K. ... It's O.K. ...


Okay, You Get It Now, You're Not Giving Up.

You Didn't Lose; You're Not Out Of Luck.

There Is No Failure, Just Love Deluxe.

Engulfing You, Lifting You Up,


To Where All Is Known...Home...


Is It Funny, The Things I Say?

Does It Move You To Think This Way?

Do You Really Think That You Know Something?

Can You Make Sense?

I Didn't Think So...I Didn't Think So...

But, It's O.K., It's O.K. 'Cuz We Can


Just Go Home...Just Go Home...


Let's Just Go Home...



* Matty Z's debut album, "Universal Love", is one of the many gifts he has received through his study of A Course In Miracles. Matty has dedicated his life to the healing practice and has worked as a Course In Miracles

 facilitator in both private and public settings. He lives in Pound Ridge, NY, where his Healing Center is located. Matty will be on tour soon, and looks forward to seeing you when he plays in your part of the Kingdom of Heaven!


Connect With Matty:

Visit The Website:

Music Available on iTunes:


Dare To Be Happy
by Daniel Tipton*     

Leap of Faith



Back to Top 


        I found myself bored the other night with nothing to do. I thought it would be a good time to practice my inner work. I decided to continue reading The Impersonal Life, which I am finding extremely helpful. I recommend this to anyone with those deep, basic, nagging questions.


        A Course in Miracles is obviously great at addressing these things but it is interesting to read something different and a bit prior.


        After some reading, I felt peaceful and decided to head up to my room by the window where I like to absorb information and ask God what he would have me do (many times out of boredom J). I just started doing this and am finding it helpful.


        After sitting by the window awhile, the floor started looking comfortable so I sprawled out next to my cat and drifted into a light nap.


        As I woke, a louder-than-usual voice said "True inspiration comes from doing, not wanting". I don't get these loud voices very often but it got me thinking how The Impersonal Life stresses that we are our own masters and that our true self and spiritual work are all within; that the physical world is all a reflection of that. It also emphasizes that God is in us, just begging for us to listen and create as he would.


         Basically, it calls us to keep the focus within, to let creation spring from that place of wisdom, and that materialistic pursuits are only helpful in leading us back to see that the journey is entirely within.


         I began to think how all the answers I need are already inside me. I have gone to other people and places before, hoping to get answers, but I always knew that those "answers" would be filtered by my ego anyway; that they were usually things I already knew but had not yet accepted.


         If we already have all the answers then it is important to listen. I recently went to the Course in Miracles Conference in San Francisco where Pamela Silberman spoke about her book, Simply Being. In this book, she has journal entries in which she asked God a question and wrote down the answer she heard. I decided to try this for myself and it was a lovely experience.


        The following is my conversation. I'm not proclaiming there to be any deep wisdom for others here but it was very therapeutic for me and I want to share. I think this will be a helpful practice going forth. It may have been the ego speaking, it may have been Holy Spirit, or God, but it made me feel good so it doesn't matter. I personally believe that all acts are acts of creation and thus involve the Holy Spirit. So if I am one with God and the Holy Spirit, then I can say I wrote all of this. If somebody writes something wonderful, then they are the author because they are an amazing co-creator with God. Whether it is a shopping list, The Cat in the Hat, or a work that inspires millions of people, they are holy acts of creation. So let's take credit for our grandeur. I think this is what the Course calls us to do.


         Moving on now, here is how the conversation went after my nap:


Higher Self: (Words that jerked me from my nap) True inspiration comes from doing, not wanting.


me: If this is a world of illusions, how do I keep from feeling withdrawn?


Higher Self: If you were not delusional, you would not see illusions. Do not hide from them. Confront them that your perception may be healed. Go experience as a child. If you think you want something, do something. Wanting enlightenment is not the same as being enlightened. You are already enlightened, so go be that.


me: Why do I get so bored lately and what should I do?


Higher Self: Boredom is .........


Daniel Tipton Continued in FULL ARTICLE

* Daniel Tipton resides in Omaha, NE and is a member of  the Course in Miracles Society study group. He is enrolled in the ACIM Ministerial Program offered by the Community Miracles Center and attended the 2011 Annual ACIM Conference in San Francisco. 


Carmen's Good Questions
Q & A
By Carmen Cameron*
Carmen Cameron
QUESTION: Can two people receive authentic guidance on an issue even if that guidance is completely opposite for each? 

 ANSWER:  I've gotten that question many times over the years (especially from couples).  And the short answer is YES!  

Remember that the Course is a customized curriculum.  Each person that comes to it is learning different lessons and in a different order.  So two (or more) people may each be told by the Holy Spirit to follow what seems like a conflicting path simply because they each have a different lesson to learn.


This is true even if their (or our) guidance isn't really from the Holy Spirit but from the ego mind, instead.

So, two very sincere ACIM students may feel guided to vote for different candidates for president, for instance.  One student needs to learn the lessons that come from taking responsibility for the outcomes from their choice of the winner and the other has lessons that may center on how they deal with  supporting the loser wholeheartedly.

The more important question though is how we respond to situations in which our guidance isn't the same as the guidance of those we are closely associated with.  For if their choice has brought up a negative reaction in us, the lesson is ours, isn't it?

I sincerely pray that this is of help to you and God bless you on your perfect journey, always.




*Carmen Cameron, who is a founding member of Course in Miracles Society, has been teaching classes in A Course in Miracles since 1994.  She was a presenter at the 2009 Miracles Conference in San Francisco and is scheduled to present again at the 2011 Conference. Carmen's website is:




Guidance from Elder Brother
 Healing Anxiety and Panic
 As Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*

Misty SunRise


Back to Top 

Please speak to us of Anxiety and Panic Attacks.




This is a wonderful topic.  I am delighted to speak to the healing of these two painful problems.


Let Us start by clearly stating that all forms of fear belong wholly to the dream.  They have no place at all as Reality.


When You All chose so long ago to stay within the dream, fear sprung up immediately because You had turned Your backs on Love.  They cannot coexist.  Thus fear became the hallmark of the dream. 


Dimly remembering that Love has no fear at all, special relationships became Your goal, in the hopes of alleviating fear.  Obviously that didn't work, and fear continued to grow, springing from loveless ground.


Once psychiatry was invented, fear garnered many names and diagnoses, yet fear they are and fear they do remain.


Yet two constants all names and types of fear do have.  They exist solely in the dream.  At Home where All is Love, there is no concept for fear at all except in the memory of the rage and fear of the separated Ones.


So whether fear is named as schizophrenia or autism, bi-polar or anxiety, claustrophobia or panic attacks, it hardly matters the name, for all are the direct result of trying to exist within the dream, alone, apart from God and from Yourself, the Holy Spirit.


Very simply, anxiety is .....


 Continued in FULL ARTICLE

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book, "YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: Prep Notes for Experiencing God's Love."

She is also author of, "A Radiant Life: Raw Food and the Presence of Love".


 BOTH available on


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