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The Simplicity of Awakening, a new article by Regina Dawn Akers
Signs...A new book by Robert Perry, reviewed by Sheryl Valentine
"I Don't Know...I Don't Care...It Doesn't Really Matter", by Kevin B. Rice*
A Course in Miracles-Original Edition
A Course in Miracles, original edition
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Of Course - Notes and News

Our featured article this month is on the Simplicity of Awakening, presented by one of our favorite teachers, Regina Dawn Akers. Regina is a scribe, author and frequent contributor to on-line discussion groups.  For us, she is an inspiration.

We also have an interesting review of Robert Perry's latest book, Signs, by Sheryl Valentine. Sheryl is an always interesting Course teacher, commentator, and author.   Rounding out this issue is a thought-provoking essay with a Zen twist by Kevin Rice, teacher and author.


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The Simplicity of Awakening
By Regina Dawn Akers*
A Course in Miracles can seem to be a difficult book. When I first started reading it, I didn't understand it at all. I saw English words on the page, but they didn't seem to say anything. Course groups, for many years, have discussed and debated the meaning of the words in A Course in Miracles. We even have discussions about which version of the book is best. But all of this is a cloud, a mental cloud, which covers the simplicity of the Course's teachings.
A Course in Miracles, and many other spiritual books and spiritual masters, have come to teach us one thing. They have come to teach us...or more correctly, re-point us in the direction of who (or what) we are.
We have literally forgotten what we are. In chapter three of A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us that man continually asks himself what he is, but this fundamental question "cannot properly be directed to himself at all."(1) Jesus knows we identify with a false self, and because we believe our false identity our questioning is directed in the wrong direction. Instead of asking our true Self and realizing remembrance, we ask the false self we have identified with, and the answer it gives continues the making and reinforcing of a false self.


─ ─

*  Regina Dawn Akers is the scribe and teacher of The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI). Like the Course, NTI was delivered through inner dictation. It is a scriptural companion to the Course and teaches "letting go" as a practice that leads to spiritual enlightenment. Her web site is

Review of Robert Perry's new book:
Signs: A New Approach to Coincidence, Synchronicity, Guidance, Life Purpose, and God's Plan
by Sheryl Valentine*
Cims Stars   On a recent evening, I picked up Signs around 8:30, and literally could not put it down until I finished it at exactly midnight.  It's a very helpful and significant book! 
   Robert writes about his investigation of a phenomenon he calls CMPEs (Conjunctions of meaningfully parallel events), or "signs".   After thirty years of using them in his own life, he has come to realize that CMPEs provide wise, intelligent, insightful, specific, and consistent guidance.

─ ─

Sheryl Valentine is the author of "Oh My God. It's Me!"   Visit her website to find audios and writings pertaining to A Course in Miracles.

"I Don't Know.  I Don't Care. 
And, It Doesn't Really Matter."
by Kevin B. Rice*

"I Don't Know"
     Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down to dinner with a fellow author and a few students.  One of my students said to me, "Kevin, I really liked that part of your lecture the other day where you said, 'I don't know, I don't care, and it doesn't really matter.'" (I read it off of my Zen calendar). My friend didn't understand the statement, nor did she agree with it, until I broke it down into three sections and explained each one at length.    
    First, the statement, "I don't know."
    It's amazing to me when I sit down with couples for spiritual relationship counseling, how many of them presume to know what their futures hold.  In fact, much of the difficulty in relationships arises because so much of our time is wasted worrying about tomorrow ─ "How are we going to pay the bills?  What if my husband meets someone at work?  Are my kids going to be okay at summer camp?"

─ ─

*  Kevin Rice is the author of The Game of Love-Changing the Rules Changes Everything.  Visit to check out his book and CDs of Kevin's lectures on various Course-related topics.

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