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Upcoming Events with Caroline Muir and the DFI Staff:

October 18-21
Boulder, CO
for women
with Amrita Grace

November 11-18

Haramara Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico

Spirit & Shadow

with Caroline & DFI Staff


March 1-3, 2013 

Hale Ho'omana 

Maui, HI

Reclaiming Aphrodite 

for women

with Amrita Grace 

Haramara Cabana
Haramara Retreat: Tropical Paradise Luxury
We have only one cabana left at Haramara.
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 hesitate and find
 yourself on a
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What IS IT that creates such messes in our lives and relationships, seemingly out of left field? If we are willing to delve in, we will likely find out it's our own shadow.

Shadow is a mythic term, described in Jungian psychology as all those parts of our self that we've disowned and cut ourselves off from; but which we still carry. In the poet Robert Bly's treatment, shadow is "the long black bag we drag behind us".

The things we've relegated to shadow are things we don't want to look at - things that are embarrassing or don't match our idea of who we are. But if we don't engage with it, our shadow remains unconscious and leaks out into in our lives in unexpected and often unpleasant ways.

But do not despair, there's gold lying in that darkness! Reconciling the disowned parts of ourselves can bring us to new levels of wholeness, integration, and peace.

One of the most shadow-prone areas of our lives in this culture is sexuality. We've gotten so many mixed messages: rules about how we should be, enticements to show up in a certain way, and magazine articles telling us exactly how to be a good lover. Sexual intimacy is one of the most vulnerable places in our lives; it's pleasurable, juicy, and enlivening... and also can be frustrating, disconnecting, and sometimes downright frightening.
What's frustrating about working with shadow material is that we can't see it directly, though pretty much everyone else can. (cringe!) By its very nature it's something that's invisible to us. But there are ways to recognize shadow, and we'll be exploring them at Spirit & Shadow November 11-18 at Haramara in Mexico. 
If you are ready to reveal and integrate your sexual shadow in a safe, guided, supportive environment, please join us. Time is running out! 


Love & blessings, Apollo & Amrita Grace, Caroline Muir, & DFI Staff
 Haramara is rated by Yoga  Journal as "one of the 10 best yoga retreats in the world."