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Caroline Muir
Upcoming Events with Caroline Muir and the DFI Staff:

October 18-21 ~
Star House Boulder, CO
for women
with Amrita Grace

November 11-18 ~ Haramara Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico

Spirit & Shadow Spiritual Sexual Education Immersion with Caroline & DFI Staff 

Attract Your Soulmate Now!
Hello Dear One;
If you're like most people who are single and don't want to be, chances are you're not looking for just ANYONE...

You're looking for your SOULMATE!

Caroline Muir will be a presenter in the upcoming Attract Your Soulmate Now! free online event.

According to Soulmate Expert and best-selling author, Arielle Ford, the definition of a Soulmate is: "Someone with whom you can completely be yourself, share unconditional love with and when you look into each other's eyes you have the experience of being home."

Arielle met her Soulmate, Brian, at the age of 43. The deep experience of love that ignited changed her life forever.

Ever since then she's made it her mission in life to help others experience Soulmate love...and she's gone on to impact hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe!

Now she has gathered over 45 thought leaders and luminaries who are ready to help you fast-track the process of attracting your SOULMATE to you.

It's happening from July 10-18 in a never-before-experienced, NO COST online series she is hosting called Attract Your Soulmate Now!

Attract Your Soulmate Now!  <== Reserve Your FREE Spot

It features top relationship experts: Caroline Muir,  Harville Hendrix, John Gray, don Miguel Ruiz, Gay Hendricks, Alison Armstrong, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford, Bruce Lipton, Colette Baron Reid, Marci Shimoff, Cherie Carter Scott, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Nick Ortner, Evan Marc Katz, and more!

You'll also hear insights from master panelists and real-life Soulmate couples.

Each of these Soulmate experts holds a critical key that will help you attract and create the kind of connection your heart yearns for.

Make 2012 the year you find your Soulmate.

With Love, Caroline Muir & Staff

PS: When you reserve your space in this one-of-a-kind series today you will also get immediate access to FREE heart-opening keepsake bonuses from John Gray, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Dr. Diana Kirschner, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, and Arielle Ford.

I've been told this Limited Time Gift Bag offer won't be available for long, so I encourage you to register TODAY!