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If you are ready to meet the divine feminine, read on... 

 Dearest Brother;

Are you a man who loves to love... who is willing to open your heart and bear your soul, releasing any fear of true intimacy?

Are you willing to claim your authentic warrior... warrior of love, rather than war?

Are you hungry for connection, conscious touch, and the healing of the battle of the sexes?

We want to share our passion and power with you, because we know you can truly receive it and mingle it with your own unique strength.

We are calling your presence forth into the journey of sexual awakening.  We desire your healing touch... your awakening skills... your loving heart.

We, the Divine Feminine, are dedicated to the emerging exploration of sexual consciousness. We want to wake up to our full potential with YOU!

If you are this man, WE NEED YOU to balance the abundance of women who are hungry for your participation June 24-July 1 in Calistoga, CA at the Intuition Vision Spiritual Sexual Education Immersion.

We have a generous tuition reduction offer for you. Please email Amrita for more information.

With love from the Queen of Hearts, Caroline
June 24-July 1 ~ Mayacamas Ranch in Napa Valley, CA
October 18-21 ~Star House in Boulder, CO
Reclaiming Aphrodite for women with Amrita Grace

November 11-18 ~ Haramara Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico

Spirit & Shadow Spiritual Sexual Education Immersion with Caroline & DFI Staff