Corporate Wellness Group eBulletin
Issue No. 2
April 2012
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Rejuvenate Your Face!
Holistic Eyecare Anyone?
Strategy For Student Athletes
Flush Your Fat & Toxins

We're finally into Spring! Here are some Special Events you will definitely want to plan ahead for (click on links below)-   heart health           weight scales             Isagenix Cleanse 30  
May Heart Screen      April Weight Loss       Supervised May Detox  
Isagenix Cleanse.mp4
Isagenix Cleanse.mp4

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Acupuncture Help
Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture
Would you like to erase years from your face without surgery or injections while also improving your health?

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation is an alternative to conventional facelifts for women interested in a less drastic and ......

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Fitness Help
Strategies for Healthy Student Athletes
Do you have a winning strategy for strong healthy student athletes at your school?

With the growing incidence of obesity among teens, student athletes have a unique opportunity. Participating in organized sports can help students develop the skills needed to maintain active lifestyles as adults. Health experts agree......Read More Icon

Chiropractic Help
Vision Care with Chiropractic
  Considered Chiropractic For Your Eye Related Complaint?

Chiropractic is not a cure for blindness or vision problems.....however, chiropractic patients benefit on many levels which typically have nothing to do with their primary complaint. Many chiropractors have encountered.....
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Business Help
leadership and sacrifice
Would The People In Your Life Call You A Sacrificial Leader?

Think aout someone in your life who made a positive difference for you. It could be a parent, coach, teacher, boss, coworker, friend, or someone special. My bet is that this person was.....
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 Are You Addicted To Food?

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And finally, I have a special treat to share with you. Recently Mr Brainerd, our Executive Business Coach, and I had the privilege of being interviewed on web radio by Turn Around Marketing, a digital marketing and pr firm that addresses issues in the preventative health and hospitality industries. This was part of a 4-part series on STRESS MANAGEMENT. I've asked for the recording of the last part of the interview (see below). Take a listen, and then go to our FACEBOOK PAGE to tell me what you think, or ask any questions.
Audio microphone

If you want, you'll also have the option to request Parts 1 - 3 of the interview, as well. As always, I value your input.

We are available to do Lunch & Learn's on this and a variety of topics at your place of work. Just let us know if this would be of value at your small / mid size business by emailing us at:

and we'll get the ball rolling.
Be strong & Stay Well,
Jacob M. Hertz, D.C.
St Charles Corporate Wellness Group
Ph: 630-513-7770
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