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Breast Center 

The University of Kansas Hospital

Westwood Campus; Westwood, KS 

Full-time; Days

Posted on  KU Med Careers



SimonMed Imaging 

Full-time; Orlando, FL 

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Cooper University Hospital 

Full-time; Voorhees, NJ 

Posted on CooperHealth Jobs 


Breast Care Nurse Navigator

Pomerado Hospital

General Womens Services-POP 

Part-Time; Day

Poway, CA 

Posted on   


Breast Health Center Nurse Navigator

Mary Washington Healthcare

Must be licensed RN in the Commonwealth of Virginia; surgical oncology/breast cancer surgery experience preferred

Contact: Majid (Mike) Noori, MHA 


Thought For The Day
Nice things to do for others: SMILE! The great thing is that smiling at others is easy and takes nothing but a little effort. 
Photon-Counting Mammography Maintains Quality, Cuts Exposure. Results of a new study establishing noninferiority of photon-counting full-field digital mammography (PCM) compared with standard full-field digital mammography (FFDM).

MicroDose play helps Philips enter U.S. digital mammo market. U.S. sales of a new full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system, based on a unique photon-counting technology.
What Causes False-Negative Results on Breast MRI Studies? MRI offers the highest sensitivity for the detection of breast cancer, however, several biological and technical features may result in false-negative findings. 
Work-in-progress PET/MRI breast scanner finds tiny lesions. While there is still much work ahead, preliminary results from a work-in-progress PET/MRI breast scanner are promising, with the system detecting breast lesions smaller than 5 mm.


New QSUM MRI Titanium Scalpel 
New QSUM MRI Titanium Scalpel
QSUM's MRI Biopsy Tray - includes Nonferro-magnetic scalpel and 20g needle



Basic Interventional Tray
The high incidence of breast cancer in younger Japanese women poses problems for mammography-based early-detection programs.  In Japan, the incidence of breast cancer increases in women aged 30 to 50 years old, peaks at the age of 50, and then declines.     


QSUM's Breast Brachytherapy Bandage
 Obesity May Affect Response to Breast Cancer Treatment.  This could lead to improvements in doctors' ability to select the most appropriate treatment for overweight and obese women.

Accelerated Radiation Treatment Effective for Noninvasive Breast Cancer. Study shows DCIS patients can be safely treated with a shorter regimen of radiotherapy.

Chemo Safe for Breast Cancer in Pregnancy. Birth defects weren't increased with the second and third trimester exposures. 

Brave New World of Breast Cancer Therapy? The last couple of months have seen a veritable explosion of high-profile, detailed genomic investigations into breast cancer samples, and they have given a wealth of information.

Tool for Deciding on RT in Older Breast Cancer Patients. Predictive nomograms might allow clinicians to make better decisions about the need for radiation therapy (RT) in older women with breast cancer treated with lumpectomy.

5 (Incorrect) Reasons Oncologists Avoid Bad-News Talks.  There is one reason for avoiding such talks that "holds truth": Doctors "do not like to have these discussions" because "they are hard on us,".

Researchers Validate Molecular Signature to Predict Radiation Therapy Benefit.  A radiosensitivity molecular signature that can lead to better radiation therapy decisions for treating patients with breast cancer.

Spectral Mammography Measures Breast Density.  Spectral mammography can accurately measure breast density.

Molecular Breast Imaging Tools. The last 20 years have brought about great advances in breast cancer detection and treatment. Among them has been the advent of molecular breast imaging tools. 



ASRT launches online breast imaging series. The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) has launched Breast Imaging Basics, a new online breast imaging educational series.


Mass. health reform has not improved mammo rates. Health insurance reform in Massachusetts has not led to better mammography screening rates or earlier detection of breast cancer.


Women cohabiting with same sex partners more likely to develop fatal breast cancer. Women in same-sex couples were more than triple as likely as those in different sex relationships to develop fatal breast cancer.   


Most Women Return to Work After Breast Cancer. Researchers there found that of 505 women treated for breast cancer, three-quarters were employed 16 months after their diagnosis.

High-Carb Diet Tied to Breast Cancer Risk for Some. Older women who eat a lot of carbohydrates may be at increased risk of a less common but deadlier form of breast cancer. 

Komen Ad Overstates Benefits of Mammography, Say Critics.  Susan G. Komen for the Cure is "overselling mammography". 

Breast Cancer Study Finds Parabens in Virtually All Tumors. A comprehensive study shows more evidence of a correlation between parabens and incidences of breast cancer.

A Novel Automated Mammographic Density Measure and Breast Cancer Risk. They developed an automated and objective measurement of the grayscale value variation within a mammogram, evaluated its association with breast cancer, and compared its performance with that of percent density (PD).

Reoperation Twice as Likely With In Situ Breast Carcinoma. Among patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery (BCS), reoperation is almost twice as likely when a diagnosis of carcinoma in situ is recorded at the time of primary surgery as when it is not.

Breast Cancer Markers Are Unstable Over Course of Disease. More evidence that tumors are moving targets: Commonly used breast cancer markers don't always remain stable over time.

Broccoli Medicines Prescribed to Combat Breast Cancer.  A compound released by the body after the consumption of broccoli has the potential of boosting protective enzymes in breast tissue.

Pre-Test Genetic Counseling Increases Cancer Knowledge for BRCA Patients. When breast cancer patients are offered pre-test genetic counseling before definitive breast cancer surgery, patients exhibited decreases in distress.

Planned Parenthood expands breast program.  Public donations that arrived after Susan G. Komen for the Cure stopped providing grants to Planned Parenthood due to pressure from political groups, a decision Komen quickly reversed earlier this year. 


Swimsuits for Breast Cancer Patients
Former building architect, Patricia Brett, a breast cancer survivor, designs "sexy suits for specific women."  Named for an aunt who lost her battle with breast cancer, Veronica Brett swimwear empowers women and helps them look and feel their best.
August 2012-swimwear 
Veronica Brett Swimwear
  (click on the photo to view video) 

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Mammo Ribbon IP Breast Bar pink gloves



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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Concepts and Rationale 


Per the recommendations of the ACR and the FDA-mandated training for new technology and equipment, all members of the healthcare team must be trained in why, when and how to appropriately use DBT for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with breast disease.


A certified 70-minute prerecorded webinar for radiologists and radiologic technologists.

Expiration date of this link: July 1, 2013

Faculty: Jules H. Sumkin, DO, FACR and Margarita L. Zuley, MD

Credit: 1.25 AMA PRA; 1.0 ARRT

Offered by ICPME, made possible by an educational grant from Hologic


A clip of the course:

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis




My Favorite August Recipe: Balsamic-Glazed Roasted Chicken Breasts


A dash of thyme can add disease-fighting power to your cooking.  Certain spices, such as thyme, hot paprika, curry powder and Worcestershire sauce contain salicylic acids.  Salicylic acid is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that may help protect against diseases such as colon cancer and hardening of the arteries.


Take Thyme
Take Thyme
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