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We normally send these monthly newsletters out near the end of each month but I decided to let the February issue wait a few days so I could provide a special view of our new products that we will be introducing at the NCBC show in Las Vegas, March 10th - 14th.  If you have never attended this show you should!!  This is the best educational conference in the Breast Care industry!  We are very proud to be part of this group!


This month's quick and tasty receipe is: 


Chicken Puffs

I have made these with a roasted chicken from the store and they are awesome!!!  I hope you enjoy this!




Cynthia Henke & Hudson Jones
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 Gel Ice Pack!  Perfect 3 x 3 square size!  Great for Stereotactic, Ultrasound, MRI or any Interventional Procedure!  Free Customization for marketing your facility! 


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Interventional Draping! Now Mix and Match your draping to obtain the perfect sized area of interest utilizing the AP101S and the AP102L.  Use one drape or a combination!  

Single AP101S drape  AP102L & AP101S combo 



Our other new Interventional Drape is the IN201 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 round hole.

IN201 drape



Introducing the Basic Biopsy Tray!! Great for all Interventional Procedures!  Not too much, Not too little!  It's just right!



B103 Basic Interventional Tray





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Mammo Mask Earloop

Time For Some Anti-Cancer Housekeeping! There's something your doctor probably hasn't told you:


It's Time To Re-Think Pink.This is the kind of betrayal that catches you so off-guard, it hits you to the core of your being and changes the way you look at everything.


Local cancer center in Edwards, CO celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. In an effort to give the general public a better look at how the local cancer treatment facility works, people at Vail Valley Medical Center lead occasional tours of the Shaw Center.  


CAD could become a second reader in breast imaging. A novel method out of Radboud University in the Netherlands aims at decision support for detecting malignant masses.




Study finds 78% of all MRI scanners have image quality issues. A study of more than 500 MRI performance evaluations conducted over 10 years has found that 78% of all MRI scanners have image quality problems, and 25% of all multichannel radiofrequency (RF) coils have a least one bad channel.


Recommended Breast Screening MRI Not Followed Through. The result is clear: women who should be getting breast screening MRI are not.

MRI for Breast Cancer Screening. Its best use to date appears to be for earlier detection of tumors in high-risk patients.


Pre-op MRI reduces repeat surgery for breast cancer patients. The use of preoperative MRI in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer enables surgeons to remove tumors more completely. 


QSUM's MRI Biopsy Tray - includes Nonferro-magnetic scalpel and 20g needle



Study: Global ultrasound market to grow at 5% rate. An increase in the number of chronic diseases that are detected early by sonography will help drive growth in the global ultrasound market over the next five years.


 Worldwide MRI, ultrasound revenues advance. Worldwide revenues for MRI and ultrasound systems increased by 6% and 4%, respectively, between 2010 and 2011.




Pregnancy Safe After Breast Cancer, Study Finds. Contrary to past belief, it is safe to become pregnant after being treated for breast cancer.

Estrogen Alone After Hysterectomy Reduces Breast Cancer. A new analysis shows that for the subgroup of postmenopausal women who have had a hysterectomy, estrogen alone is not associated with Breast Cancer risk.


Zinc Linked to Breast Cancer: Insight Into Body's Zinc Controls Has Implications for Disease. A growing body of evidence links zinc to disease states including neurodegeneration, inflammation, diabetes and cancer.


Komen Charity Under Microscope for Funding, Science. In recent years it has cut by nearly half the proportion of fund-raising dollars it spends on grants to scientists working to understand the causes and develop effective new treatments for the disease.


Differences in Dose Levels Among Digital Mammography Systems. With a mammography market dominated by digital systems, studies comparing different models of FFDM are becoming more and more relevant.


Choosing the best breast cancer treatment option. The findings show patients lack knowledge or don't adequately participate in the decision-making process. 

Exercise: A Way to Outdistance Breast Cancer? Several studies have suggested that women who exercise more have lower risk for recurrence.


More Data Back Mammography for Younger Women. Mammography-detected breast cancers in women 40 to 49 doubled from 1990 to 2008. 


Breast Tissue Bank Gets a Super Bowl Boost.On five Saturdays each year, 100 women make their way to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Tissue Bank at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center to take part in the battle against breast cancer.

US Cancer Screenings Not Meeting Goals, Says CDC. Although many Americans are being screened regularly for cancer, the figures are still not as high as the authorities would like.


The Year's Trends in Digital Mammography. John M. Lewin, M.D., discussed recent trends and how they have changed during the past year.

No Breast Cancer Protections From Soy Isoflavone Supplements.Soy isoflavone supplements did not decrease breast cancer cell proliferation in a randomized clinical trial.

Has Komen Shot Itself In The Foot?

Exercising after a Mastectomy. The exercises are aimed at helping women regain range of motion for muscles weakened by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and lack of use. 

Breast Cancer and Heart Disease May Have Common Roots. Women who are at risk for breast cancer may also be at greater risk for heart disease.

Breast Cancers at Lower-Risk Detected With Widespread Use of Mammograms.As a woman ages, her chances of being diagnosed with a lower-risk breast tumor increase.

Re-Operation Rates Vary Among Breast Cancer Surgery Patients Women who undergo certain types of breast cancer surgery may be more likely to face subsequent surgeries.




Ultrasound Heating for Breast Cancer. new treatments for breast cancer patients using ultrasound heating in order to kill tumor cells.

New Ultrasound Technology Promising for Silicone Gel Breast Implant Monitoring. A recent study suggests that portable, surgeon-performed, high-resolution ultrasound may have advantages over magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) when screening for implant failure.

New Ultrasonic Screening Technique Could Provide More Reliable Breast Cancer Detection. The new method works by detecting the intensity of ultrasonic waves. Intensity is converted to heat that is then sensed by a thin membrane of pyroelectric film, which generates a voltage output dependant on the temperature rise.

Koning receives CE Mark for 3D breast CT. KBCT is a fully integrated, dedicated breast CT scanner designed to image an entire breast with high spatial and contrast resolution at a radiation dose similar to or less than that of mammography.   
Early Changes Leading To Breast Tumors Revealed By Spectroscopic Imaging. Vibrational spectral microscopy, can be used to identify and track certain molecules by measuring their vibration with a laser.

QSUM's Breast Brachytherapy Bandage


Ten-year results of a phase II study with a single fraction of high-dose-rate breast brachytherapy. Actuarial local control at five and ten years was 98.5% and 95.6%. Overall survival was 92.7% and 90.2%, and disease-free survival 90.2% and 79.9%. 

SAVI Studies Verify Favorable Cosmetic Outcomes With Precise Delivery of Radiation Therapy. Two new studies demonstrate the cosmetic and dosimetric advantages of the SAVI breast brachytherapy applicator for treatment of early-stage breast cancer.


'Biopsy In A Blood Test' - Effective New Diagnostic For Cancer. 

Study Suggests Surgical Breast Biopsy Not Overused. Contrary to earlier findings, surgical breast biopsies may not be as overused as previously thought.

Breast biopsy: Anesthesia, bleeding prevention, representative sampling, and rad-path concordance. In the U.S. alone, this equates to approximately 1 million breast biopsies per year.

Need to Biopsy at Metastatic Breast Cancer Relapse? Biopsy led to a reported change of management in 14% of women (95% confidence interval, 8.4% to 21.5%)


QSUM's Hologic Multicare Stereotactic Draping
QSUM's Hologic Multicare Stereotactic Draping (footcover, table drape and stage drape)




Great Videos for PET, PEM and BSGI!  Click on the link.


PET Techniques Provide More Accurate Diagnosis, Prognosis in Challenging Breast Cancer Cases. Researchers are revealing how molecular imaging can be used to solve mysteries about difficult cases of breast cancer. 
PET aids tough breast cancer cases.PET imaging with FDG and a radiopharmaceutical that targets estrogen receptors can help physicians gather more information in difficult breast cancer cases.
Molecular Signature May Distinguish DCIS.A 9-molecule signature differentiates ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) from invasive breast cancer.


Our "Deb Doll" & "SCIP Doll" Winners @ NCBC

 Our thanks to all that entered and won the collectible dolls!  Here's just a couple of photos of the winners!



SCIP Doll WinnerDeb Doll Winner

My Favorite Feb/Mar Recipe: Chicken Puffs!

"A rich, creamy chicken sauce is rolled in croissants and baked to form delicious puffs. Wonderful for get togethers!"



 Chicken Puffs

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