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April 2012

Painted Hands


 The 3rd Annual Autism, PDD, AD/HD, OCD and Tourette's Conference will take place on Saturday April 21st

Featured speakers and seminars:

Dr. Julie Buckley, MD - Advanced Therapies for Developmental Concerns

Dr. Sonya Doherty, ND - Managing Immunoexcitotoxicity with Botanical Medicine

Dr. Patricia Fink, Optometrist - Vision Therapy for Developmental Concerns

Jackie McMillan, B.E.S. - An adult autistic THRIVING WITH AUTISM

Dr. Benjamin Lynch, ND - Methylation Polymorphisms - Getting the most out of B12 therapy

Thank you for the generosity of our Speaker-Sponsors:

Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Allergic Solutions and Investors Group

Upcoming events

Wednesday April  25th: 


HEALTHY COOKING CLUB: Cooking to Heal Environmental Allergies, Fatigue and Headaches.


Location: Fortinos at Appleby and Dundas in Burlington, ON


Time: 7:30 - 9:30 pm



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 Infantile Scoliosis on the Rise

Abnormal spinal and skull development related to baby's sleep position 




Written by Dr. Rebecca Patterson, D.C.


Over the last decade, researchers in the field of scoliosis have seen a steady increase in the numbers of children under the age of three who develop abnormal spinal curvatures, a condition known as Idiopathic Infantile Scoliosis (IIS). The relationship between this rare form of scoliosis, malformations of the developing skull (known as plagiocephaly) and specific sleeping positions is currently a hot area of research. 

 Click here to learn more about IIS...









Focus on:

Lizanne Rowe - Family Food Coach


Lizanne Rowe  

Lizanne comes to The Natural Care Clinic with a practical "expertise" in following special diets. Four years ago, when her son was diagnosed with autism, Lizanne and her husband sought out biomedical treatment to help heal his autistic symptoms. They realized a tremendous amount of success with biomedical and have shared their successful experiences with many other families, helping to coach them through their dietary adjustments.

Lizanne is passionate about food and she helps to ease the transition into speciality diets that can have dramatic effects on health.


Lizanne Rowe






The "F" Word


Written by Dr. Carly Wendler, N.D.


Do you pester your child with a frequent hand to their forehead lest they feel warm to you? At the first sign of a sniffle do you run for the thermometer? Are you well stocked with children's anti-fever medication, just in case?


The word 'fever' for a parent, especially if you are a parent of a young infant or toddler, tends to generate a lot of fear.


Here, I hope to educate you on each of these areas so you may make an informed choice about how to manage and treat your child's next fever. 


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