Newsletter February 2012


As you may have noticed, the New Year has brought several staffing changes to the Natural Care Clinic. We wish Anna all the best in her new position as co-ordinator at the Halton Poverty Roundtable and extend a warm welcome to her replacement, Sarah. In this month's newsletter, we'll let you know a little more about our amazing reception team - Lauren, Catherine and Sarah. In addition, as February is Heart Month, Dr. Carly has some interesting tips to share with you to prevent or treat heart disease.

Dr Carissa Doherty, Naturopathic Doctor, founder and owner of the Natural Care Clinic 


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Food for ThoughtBrain Fuel,  a unique essential fatty acid support, developed and distributed by the Natural Care Clinic is now available! 


The Natural Care Clinic is now on 
Join us for the February health challenge and tell us what you did for your health today!

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Don't miss the 3rd Annual Autism, PDD, AD/HD, OCD and Tourette's Conference (click here to learn more about the featured speakers)

Get your fitness back on track : 
Dr Becky and
the Runinng room have started a 10 week 10 km running clinic on Feb 8 





Who is severely claustrophobic? Who loves putting lemon in her water? Who lived in New york?


Click here to learn more about Lauren, Catherine and Sarah



Dr CarlyFebruary is heart health month so let's take some time to give some tender loving care to the ole ticker. You've probably seen the commercials on television recently in an attempt to bring awareness to the #2 killer of Canadians


There's lots of awareness about 'the C word' (the #1 killer of Canadians) and we have innumerable campaigns, runs, and fundraisers to raise money for treating cancer; but now our attention is being forced in another direction - heart disease - as it's slowly creeping up to nudge cancer out of the way as the biggest killer.


Click here to read Dr Carly's natural tips for healthy and happy heart!

Lizanne's suggestions : 
- You may add some oregano and some fresh parsley - 
- You can serve over cooked spaghetti squash
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