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Over the past month, the Atomic Heritage Foundation has been busy preparing for a variety of different projects, including a national museum exhibit, researching funds to digitize oral histories, and putting the finishing touches on another guidebook on Manhattan Project sites in Tennessee.

To find out our past projects from this year, please see our newly released 2010 Annual Report.

AHF Profiled by American Physical Society aps


Cynthia Kelly's article on historic Manhattan Project properties and preservation efforts was published by the American Physical Society in their October 2010 Physics and Society Newsletter dedicated to examination of "issues of both current and historical significance."


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LAHS hosts Oppenheimer Symposium

The Los Alamos Historical Society hosted the first Oppenheimer Symposium to bring together historians, preservationists, and the public in Los Alamos, NM. During the two-day symposium, all participants discussed the history of the house and fundraising strategies.

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2010 Annual Report Released

The Atomic Heritage Foundation is happy to announce the release of the 2010 Annual Report that details the exciting projects that the Foundation has been working on in the past year and offers an update on the status of key preservation efforts in Los Alamos, NM, Oak Ridge, TN and Hanford, WA. To view the full report, please click here.

We thank you for you continual support of AHF's efforts and interest in our work. We hope to see through a National Historical Park in 2011, but we need your support in the process.



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