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Welcome Back
Rosh Hashana Flowers!
Choice is OURS!
Chemistry Grant
Graduation 2011
Life Cycle

Welcome back to School!

We were excited to welcome our 51 students on
September 1. The year is already off to a great start, and we look forward to another fantastic year filled with fun and learning!


To My Dear Maidelach,

How exciting to start off a new school year. Working in the building during the summer, preparing for school, is a strange experience. It's like Shabbos, without (chas v'shalom) the nairos(candles). Our girls bring the meaning, the essence, into the beautiful building. Speaking of Shabbos, we are thrilled that the G.O. has chosen this for "theme of the year". As we are headed through the month of Elul and the Yomim Noraim (High Holidays), we hope to hear more words of inspiration in regard to the Shabbos. During these days of taking on kabbalos (commitments) for the year, perhaps we can accept upon ourselves to bring the meaning, the essence into the beautiful day of Shabbos.   Perhaps we can increase our zehirus (attention to) the halachos (laws) of Shabbos, and in bringing more kavod (honor) and kedusha (holiness) to the special day that Hashem has gifted to us. With our extra efforts, may Hakadosh Boruch Hu grant us many happy and restful Shabbosos, till moshiach comes.... And beyond!


Kesiva V'Chasima Tova - Mrs. Rauch

(Mrs. Rauch's greeting to the students in the student newspaper- "The Grocery Gazette")


Rosh Hashana Flowers!


What time is it?
It is time to order a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Rosh Hashana from TAM.   

Choose from:
A Festive Bouquet for $18
Elaborate Bouquet for $36

To place an order call TAM at (414) 352-6789 ext 3 or email tam@torahacademymil.org.
If you have any questions please call Gilah Saltzman at (414) 871-7416.

Please place your order by  Sunday, September 18.
Your flowers will be available for pickup Tuesday, September 27 at KMK, Milwaukee Judacia and the Zachai home. Times and details available soon.


The Choice is...OURS!


TAM families are now eligible to participate in the School Choice tuition voucher program.


This development comes after significant changes in state regulations overseeing the initiative. The new policy allows residents of the city of Milwaukee to receive Choice funding for any school in Milwaukee County.


In addition, the income cap has been raised to 300% of the Federal Poverty level, which will allow for higher rates of participation.


TAM looks forward to the future with School Choice!

TAM Receives New Chemistry Grant



Congratulations to TAM Chemistry Teacher Ms. Bryna Goeckner for securing a $1485 ACS-Hach High School Chemistry grant for the upcoming year.

According to Ms. Goeckner, the grant will allow students to collect live data during chemistry experiments. In addition, most of the equipment could also be used as the basis of what is needed for physics.

"This will be a great way to get the girls excited about science while giving them experience using equipment that more closely resembles the equipment used by scientists today," she said.  

Graduation 2011







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September 13

Parent Teacher Orientation 7:00 - 8:00pm


September 16 

 School Choice mandatory count date


   September 22

 Rosh Hashana speaker
and activity



September 28 - 30 

Rosh Hashana: No School



   October 6

Aseres Yemei Teshuva Speaker 



October 7

Erev Yom Kippur:
No School 



October 10 - 21 

Succos Break 




Life Cycle

Mazel Tov! 



Ilana (class of '99) and Pinny Goldfinger. Grandparents Michael and Caron Rice.


Nechama (class of '06) and Avraham Mayerfeld. Grandparents Rabbi and Mrs. Yerachmiel Anton.


Miriam (class of '03) and Nisso Blanga. Grandparents Danny and Linda Stein.

Yedida (class of '99) and Avrami Joselit. Grandparents Rabbi and Mrs. Yechiel Pinsky.

Mazel Tov to great grandparents, Howard and Judy Karsh.



Grandson to Harry and Debby Rubin

Gitty (class of '99) and Avraham Kramer. Grandparents Rabbi and Mrs. Avrohom Boruch Rauch.


Mazel Tov to the Eisenbachs on becoming great grandparents.




Rabbi and Mrs. Yerachmiel Robbins on the engagement of Miriam (class of '05) to Shaya Gutleizer.


Daniel and Chaya Brenner on the engagement of Gavi (class of '09) to Avi Slutzkin.


Rabbi and Mrs. Yechiel Pinsky on the engagement of Malkah (class of '07) to Moshe Chaim Wajchman.


Mazel Tov to great grandparents, Howard and Judy Karsh.

Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Cohn on the engagement of Rivky (class of '08) to Dovid Nalek.




Ms. Trudy Farber on the marriage of her son,  Avrumy Fergusson.

Rabbi and Mrs. Zachai on the marriage of their son, Benzion.


Phil and Yaffa Arieff on the marriage of Shani (class of '08) to Hillel Feuerman.






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