TAM TALK                                                                 15 Iyar/May 2011

 www.torahacademymil.org                                                    Volume 1, Issue 10

Save the DATE!! 

Torah Academy of Milwaukee  

Cordially invites you to share in the celebration of its

Fourteenth Commencement Exercises

Wednesday June 1, 2011

At 7:30 pm


Cardinal Stritch University Auditorium

(in the library building)

6801 North Yates Road

Milwaukee Wisconsin



    2011 Graduating Class


Feige Brenner

Elisheva Frank

Maylynn Ginkel

Elisheva Hiller

Shoshana Hunt

Talia Lakritz

Esther Lieberman

Devorah Magier

Nechama Saltzman

Aviva Silverman

Shifra Skaist

Nechama Stallman








Sunday, May 29, 2011                                            Hot dogs!


11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.                                            Hamburgers!



Rotary Park Mequon           Phil Goldner's Bratwursts!



4100 W. Highland Rd                                                     Chips!





TAM's Annual Shabbaton, Parshas Behar


This beautiful song, written by the mother of two of our students, tells the story, in parable form, of how important it is to maintain our connection to our mesorah (tradition). It served as the theme of the recent Shabbaton.


Shabbaton Song 


On a hot day in the desert,

shielding his eyes from the sun,

a vision of the future kept him going;

yearning to give shade to everyone.


He planted the seedling in the ground

with tenderness and care.

Giving it ample water, 

he said his silent prayer.


Chorus:  Hold on, hold on, Don't let go

              Of our Mesora, Bechol dor v'dor

              Our roots are deep, they keep us strong.

              Zechor Yemos Olam


Nearly burnt by lightning,

raging storms a constant fear,

yet this tree's roots spread and deepened.

It lasted through the years.


Generations passed.

The branches reached to the sky.

Its flowers, fruits, and colors

pleasing all who passed by.


A branch swung in the wind,

longed to shake loose from the tree.

A voice said, "Take a look at your fellow branch

who thought he would be free....


He rode the wind, 

then went crashing down."

The swaying branch looked at the old branch -

motionless, alone on the ground.


Chorus:  Hold on, hold on! Don't let go

              of our Mesora, Bechol dor v'dor

              Our roots are deep, they keep us strong.

             Zechor Yemos Olam


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Senior Class Finals

May 23-30



May 29

11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Early Dismissal

May 30

12:10 p.m.



June 1

7:30  p.m.


Early Dismissal

Pre- Finals

June 2

2:35 p.m.


Final Exams

(full schedule available on website)

June 3, 6, 13-16


Shavuos Break

June 7-10


Last Day of School

June 16

12 noon dismissal


First Day of School

September 1



Life Cycle

Mazel Tov! 

Rabbi Avi & Aliza Pekier


 Esther Bracha

(Rennert, Class of '06)

& Efri Rosenholtz


Grandfather Rabbi Shmuel Rennert



Sara Malka (Gross , Class of '06) & Moshe Rubin 



Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Gross




 To the family of


Mr. Jacob Cook

Mr. Michael Bates


Dr. Jerry Zussman

 Mrs. Frances Zussman, Dr. Richard Zussman and Mrs. Shelley Israel 



May they be comforted among the mourners of Zion. 



New Video Release 

Video of Anastazia

is available at

 TAM for $10. 

Contact the office at


or Shoshanna Fried

at 414-444-4609

Please note the DVD is for women and girls only


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