TAM TALK                                                    25 Adar II/March 2011

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How to Raise $30,000 - Without Donating a Dime!

Help Us Win the Waterstone Giveaway



Starting Friday, April 1: Waterstone Bank is giving away money to local charities, in honor of its 90th Anniverary.


TAM stands to win $30,000.  You can help make this happen.



1. How can I help?

Starting Friday, April 1: Click Here to Get Started (this will take you to the Waterstone Bank website.)


2. I'm there. What do I do now?

Vote for TAM.


3. What else can I do?

Spread the word to your online contacts - all over the world - to do the same. 


4. Can I vote more than once?

Yes.  You can vote an infinite number of times - when you rise up and when you lay down, when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road.


5. Can I vote for other organizations?

Yes. You vote for as many organizations as you want.


6. How much money is being given out?

There are 5 prizes. The top is $30,000. There are 4 other prizes of $15,000 each.


7. TAM just had a banquet - does TAM really need the money?

You're joking, right?


 Historical Mosaic 



 TAM students created a historical   mosaic for their Rosh  Chodesh Adar activity.  The finished piece will be 12' by 3' in size. It  includes important milestones in Jewish history, from Bereishis to the present day. The mosaic is consistent with this year's student activity theme, "A Journey through Jewish History" . 

Feige Brenner sketched the backgound, with Esti Bernstein's help.


A group of artisans from the Donna Lexa Foundation assisted in the project.  Each girl had the opportunity to design a personalized glass square for the border. 


The Mosaic will be displayed prominently in the school.


Thank you to Mrs. Pekier for the hours of work she put into this project






Banquet Memories


There are approximately 346 days until  TAM's 2012 Banquet.   (To purchase ads, please call Trudy, at the TAM office.)

During Banquet 2011 we Celebrated a Generation of Young Women and showed appreciation to Mrs. Sora Rauch. Please enjoy the letter from alumnus Malki Miller (side bar); it is a beautiful example of the letters the alumni submitted.

While we wait in eager anticipation, please enjoys these photos from this year's 20th Anniversary Banquet:   




Jewish Lens 

A number of our 12th-grade students are preparing photographs for the 2011 Jewish Lens project, "You, Me and the Community..."   


This project enables students to capture the diversity and richness of the Milwaukee Jewish community.  The Jewish Lens is offered through the Coalition for Jewish Learning and is made possible by a generous grant from The Covenant Foundation. 


The Jewish Lens Exhibit will open at the Jewish Community Center on Tuesday, May 10, from 7-9 p.m. at the Daniel M. Soref Community Hall.

TAM Contact Information
Torah Academy of Milwaukee
6800 North Green Bay Avenue
Glendale, Wisconsin 53209



Community Aid Forms Due



Pesach Break

April 11 - 27


Classes Resume

April 28


Jewish Lens Program

May 10



May 14


Senior Dinner

May 18



Chag Kasher V'Samayach!


Life Cycle

Mazel Tov! 


Rivkah ( Class of '07) and Moshe Charloff on the bris of Elchonon
and the
Dr. and Mrs. Mordechai Hastings






Mrs. Wendy Bernstein on the death of her sister Karen Wyler.


Dr. Bernie Cohen on the death of his brother Stuart Cohen


May they be comforted among the mourners of Zion. 


1 More Alumni Letter

Dear Mrs. Rauch, 

   When I think back to high school, I think of a period when I felt cared for and in the right hands. When I think back to your Chumash classes in 9th and 11th grade, the first memory that pops into my mind is your seemingly endless supply of energy. You used to walk into the classroom and announce, "Girls, lets get started! We have a fantastic Ramban to learn today. You're goning to love it!" Your enthusiasm and love of learning is infectious, and has left me with a special excitement and drive to learn and discover new topics and ideas.


    The words "thank you" cannot cover all of the hakaras hatov that I have to you for all that you have done, but I will say them anyway- THANK YOU.



Malki Miller