TAM TALK                                               Adar 2 5771  March 2011

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The Banquet is upon us! If you have not yet done so, now is the time to confirm your reservation and journal ad for TAM's 20th Anniversary Banquet. Sunday, March 13, 5:30 p.m. at the Rubinstein Pavilion.


Having reached this milestone, we are celebrating a generation of young women who have gone on to take their place as adults, mothers, and professionals in Milwaukee and throughout the world.


Your generosity at this time will make a vital and meaningful contribution to the next 20 years of quality Jewish and secular education at TAM.


We look forward to seeing you there.


  Memories of Years Gone By

TAM Graduates in Their Own Words


 We asked our graduates over the last 20 years to send us their stories, anecdotes, and memories. 


We hope you enjoy this sampling, as we approach the Banquet:



The beauty of the new building now shines, but the old one is still ingrained in our minds...


Every morning Mrs. Rauch would stand at the door and greet each grumpy tired face with a cheerful smile and happy "good morning!" no matter the response she received.


I would listen in class to the words that you taught

(Or sometimes space out till back to earth I was brought)

Hello, Shannna'le dear I know you are here

"Our Rashi, or Kli Yakar is so exciting!" you'd cheer


Learning in shul - Kramers for lunch

Practicing dances for an engagement brunch

Graduated cylinders in Mrs. Jona's lab

Mrs. Rauch's car - our local cab


Wild goose chase in Adar sends Mrs. Rauch around town

Parking lot, CVS upstairs and down

Chaya's motto to succeed you only need one cake a day


Rabbi Torem teaching us the Kosher way   


A True Understanding of Self-Worth

By: Eliana and Hodaya Meyers

Based on Mrs. Avruch's Chumash class


In Parshas B'Haaloscha it says, "V'haish Moshe anav me'od"- and the man, Moshe, was very humble".  What is 'anava', humility?  The Chazon Ish states that anava does not mean denying your strengths and good deeds.  Anava is not saying, "I am worth nothing."  True humility is when a person does not want or expect kavod, honor, or respect for his actions.  The antithesis of anava is gaava, haughtiness, the desire for kavod.  It seems to be human nature to desire honor.  But, why?  It appears that the problem is rooted in the fact that people do not believe in their own self-worth and, therefore, rely on the assurance of others to express their greatness.


            The Steipler Gaon said that a person needs to recognize that his abilities and talents are all a gift from Hashem.  They combine to make us capable and worthy people.  However, these gifts were given to us, not to gloat, but rather to assist in reaching our potential, achieving our goals in serving Hashem.  If one approaches self-worth in this manner, he will be the ultimate anav, humble person.  He will not expect honor for his actions, yet he will appreciate how special and unique he is.



Cast and Crew of Anastazia

February 13, 2011


Mark Your Calendars


TAM Banquet

Sunday, March 13



Purim Chagigah

Tuesday, March 15



Ta'anis Esther - Early Dismissal

Thursday, March 17

12:10 p.m.



Shushan Purim - Late Start

Monday, March 21

12:40 p.m.


Pesach Break

April 11 - 27


Mishenichnas Adar 2

Marbim-Marbim B'Simcha-Simcha!!

Life Cycle

Mazel Tov! 


R' Yechiel & Shaindy Pinsky

on the birth of a granddaughter


Mazel tov to 

Judy &  Howard Karsh, the great-grandparents


R' Yitzchok & Gittle Ort

on the birth of a granddaughter,

born to their children,

Faige (Class of '03) & Moshe Cherney



R' & Mrs. Yitzchak Shapiro on the birth of a daughter to Ahuva (Class of '06) & Chaim Asher Kramer



Harry & Debby Rubin

on the birth of a grandson



R' Dovid & Marcia Eisenbach

on the birth of a grandson


Jim & Lisa Hiller on the birth of a granddaughter





 Jim & Lisa Hiller

on the engagement of their daughter


(Class of '05)


Moishe Roitbard




Rabbi Shmuel Rennert

on the engagement of his daughter,

Chani (Class of'07)


Moshe Sternberg