TAM TALK                      Adar 1 5771  February 2011

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     While studying for exams, we found ourselves appreciating many of the lessons that we have learned during the past few months at TAM.  One lesson, that made a deep impression, was the discussion surrounding the creation of the woman. 

G-d created the woman to be an equal partner to man, each spouse assisting the other in reaching his/her potential.  Each was created with equal capabilities, the same, except for the physical differences.  G-d formed the woman after Adam found himself to be lacking a partner, thereby creating a pre-existing appreciation for her, and then led the woman to Adam under a chuppa of jewels, a true gift for the man.  The relationship between Adam and his wife was learned in detail and was fascinating, from their working together to achieve their goals, to their interactions during the sin of the Eitz HaDaas.  Even the name that Adam chose to give his wife, Chava (the one who brings life), depicts the quality of Adam to see the positive aspect of his wife (one who brings life), rather than the negative (one who just brought death to the world).  Studying about Adam and Chava was a lesson in developing and maintaining our own relationships, applying what we learn to our own lives.  This is the true goal of our learning Torah.




Mark your calendar's for TAM's 20th Anniversary Banquet. Sunday, March 13, 5:30 p.m. at the Rubinstein Pavilion.


In recognition of having reached this milestone, TAM will celebrate a generation of young women, who have gone on to take their place as adults, mothers, and professionals in Milwaukee and throughout the world.


Please plan on attending the banquet and on sponsoring an ad in our Journal. Your generosity at this time will enable our school to embark on the next 20 years of meaningful and high quality Jewish and secular education at TAM.


We look forward to seeing you there.


  Opening Night February 13! 


Rehearsals are in full swing, the set is being painted, the girls are studiously learning their lines. Anticipation is growing for this year's TAM play, Anastazia!


Ticket sales are underway. Please make your reservation now, for this year's performance. 

Birkas Rifka - Kol Yisroel Areivim Zeh L'Zeh!

We are Responsible for Each Other!


On January 3, TAM welcomed Dr. Bernard Cohen, who spoke about Birkas Rifka. An Israeli chesed organization, Birkas Rifka trains young men in carpentry within a Torah environment. 


The men use their skills to create innovatively designed beds, dressers, closets and bookshelves for impoverished families.


After hearing the presentation, our students expressed their gratitude for their own homes and community, where their needs are taken care of and they are able to help others as well.


The girls responded by initiating a modest, monthly fundraising project on behalf of Birkas Rifka. We look forward to their efforts. 


Mark Your Calendars



Sunday, February 13 7PM  







Mishenichnas Adar 1

Marbim Brr Simcha

Life Cycle

Mazel Tov! 


A grandson to Rabbi and Mrs. Peretz Zachai


A granddaughter to

Dr. and Mrs. Chaim Green


   A grandson to

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rubin





Tova Shapiro (Class of '08), daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzchak Shapiro,  to Yaakov Moshe Stulberger