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Yedios Klaliyos Program in Full Swing!

TAM students sat for the first test of the new Yedios Klaliyos program on Tuesday, November 23.  


Structured as an independent, self-study curriculum, Yedios Klaliyos program enables students - and their families - to gain a vast amount of general knowledge in halacha, Jewish history, hashkkafa, and important sayings from Chazal.  Tests take place once a month.


The program instills key Jewish concepts and information that the students will draw upon throughout their lifetime.


The program was researched and compiled by Aidel Sara Guttman (Class of '08) and Mrs. Rauch. The goal is to have students participate through all four years of high school.


The test took place in our own unique "TAM style," which included hot chocolate and Mrs. Rauch's fresh-baked biscotti (mandelbread!).  Torah is sweet and so are our students! 

National Bais Yaakov Convention
 Draws 950 Students

TAM seniors Elisheva Frank, Elisheva Hiller, Shifra Skaist, Nechama Leiba Stallman and Devorah Magier, proudly represented TAM at the annual Bais Yaakov Convention, which was held in Baltimore on November 18.

The theme of the convention was "V'yavinu V'yatzlichu," (applied as, "The Future is up to Us!") Some 950 girls from across the country participated in the Shabbaton.

The program included workshops, an extensive and beautifully designed exhibit, as well as a trip to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Virginia.

Rabbi Aharon Feldman, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Ner Israel of Baltimore, and Rebbetzin Lea Feldman delivered divrei beracha.  Other Gedolai Torah and renowned speakers addressed the girls throughout the weekend, including Rabbi Yechiel Spero and Rabbi Yissacher Frand.

A tremendous Yasher Koach to Mrs. Devora Gross for chaperoning the enter weekend! Special thanks to Mrs. Miriam Cadle for hosting our girls for Shalosh Seudos.

Sssssshhhhh...Loshon Horah Not Spoken Here!

The national Mishmeres convention of the Chafetz Chaim Heritage Foundation was held November 5 - 7, in Monsey, NY. 


Mishmeres is a world-wide program which encourages people to learn and apply the laws of proper speech in their everyday life.


TAM Mishmeres heads Miriam Bates and Esti Becker represented the school at the convetion, which drew 150 girls from around the country.


They returned inspired and eager to apply the valuable lessons they learned to the Mishmeres program at TAM.


From the Common to Rare,

There's Good Times to Share!


More than 250 prizes are waiting to be auctioned off at the TAM Silent Auction, Sunday, December, 19, from 1 - 4 p.m. in the TAM gym.


Entrance is FREE!  No limit on the number of tickets each family can purchase. (As per Rabbi Benzion Twerski, purchase of the tickets may be applied to ma'aser.)


There will be plenty of fun for the entire family, including a kids carnival, hot dogs, and the only freshly-made kosher cotton candy available in Milwaukee!


A $700 diamond necklace, ipod, health and beauty certificates, free-oil changes for one year, CDs by Rabbi Krohn and others, CDs, lap top, and a free teeth whitening appointment are just some of the prizes to be auctioned off.


Bring your friends and family!


Freilchen Chanukah


Mark Your Calendars

Chanukah Dismissal
4PM December 2,7,8

Chanukah Break
Friday December 3 - Monday, December 6


Silent Auction
Sunday, December 19

The TAM Raffle Drawing was held on Wednesday, December 1.  



1st Prize

Mr. and Mrs.

Mike Schlossman


2nd prize

Mr. Avraham Fergusson


3rd prize

Mr. and Mrs.

Steve Sirkis


Thank you to everyone who bought and sold tickets for this raffle! 


Life Cycle

Mazel Tov,
Class of 2028 welcomes its newest member!
Rabbi Daniel and Mrs.Beth   Meister(Class of '95) on the birth of a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Borsuk on the birth of a granddaughter. 
 The grandparents


Wish List

Biology Textbooks (18)


Volley Ball Equipment ( 1 set)


Costumes, Set Sponsors  (10)


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