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Window  to  Chumash  Class

 Ahava Raisel Perlman 9th grade Student

In our Chumash class, this past week, we learned about the tremendous role that women played during the exile in Mitzrayim, as well as in the redemption.  It is brought down that Pharoh commanded Shifra (Yocheved) and Puah (Miriam), the Jewish midwives, to kill all of the male babies born.  Not only did they refuse to do so, they actively kept the children alive, feeding and caring for them, defying the command of the king and risking their lives, in the process.


In this place, the Gemara states ''בזכות נשים צדקניות נגאלו אבותנו ממצרים'',"In the merit of the righteous women, Hashem redeemed our fathers from Mitzrayim" .The Gemara brings down that not only were Shifra and Puah outstanding women, the general female populace realized that they must make the effort to keep Klal Yisroel going in perpetuity.  The wives would beautify themselves, go out to the far away fields to their husbands, bearing pails of fresh fish and water, persuading their husbands to sustain their marriages, keeping the hard

working men from despair. The women's sole purpose was "l'shem shamayim", for the sake of Hashem and for the sake of perpetuating the Jewish nation.  It is for this r
eason that Hashem granted them the redemption from Galus Mitzrayim.   


We, as women of the 21st century, have the great women, Yocheved and Miriam as role models.  Even moreso, the "regular" women of Mitzrayim show us that we too can develop a plan, in our own way, to help bring the 'geulah', the redemption, from our exile.


Packers Run Training Camp at TAM!
Injuries Prompt Search for "Next Rogers"
Not. But we DO have a wonderful new Physical Education teacher, Hanna Millicovsky.
Coach Milicovsky comes to TAM with 20+ years of teaching experience on the East Coast.
With football season in high gear, the girls are currently enjoying a unit on the basics of football in Wisconsin! The goals of this unit focus on ge
neral fitness, abdominal muscle training, running drills and football throwing instruction. Watch out Packers!
Psst...It's PSAT TIME!
Tests Administered Wednesday October 13. B'hatzlacha!
TAM Juniors joined their cohorts across the country  in taking the annual PSAT exam. The test is used as a barometer for future educational goals. Additionally, the selection for National Merit Scholarships is based on the results of the PSAT.
In past years, TAM students have been chosen as National Merit finalists and semi-finalists - a testament to our mission of nurturing a legacy of excellence. 
Back to the Future
G.O. Project Gives Students Glimpse of the Past
TAM Time Machine, enter at your own risk.

TAM students will tell you that the Government Organization is one of the most productive outlets for developing their unique talents.


Among its many activities, each year the G.O. chooses a theme, which is featured in events throughout the year. This year's theme is Journey Through Jewish History.


The kick-off event was a brunch for Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, Friday, October 8, and they went back all the way to the beginning - In the Beginning - to the Garden of Eden.   Skits were presented by all of the committees to introduce their themes for the school year. 

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But you can't win if you don't play.  Tickets may be purchased from any TAM family, for a very reasonable investment: 
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December 1
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Life Cycle

Mazel tov to:

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hiller and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Armstrong on the engagement of their children Ruchel Hiller (class of 2006) and Ovadia Armstrong.

Rabbi and Mrs.(Penina Malkah Rennert) Avraham Harris
Rabbi Shmuel Rennert on the birth of a girl.

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