Tishrei 5771/September 2010
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Volume1 Issue 2 
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Sept. 20- Oct. 1  Succos Break
Oct. 4
Regular Sessions Resume
Oct. 5
Parent-Teacher Orientation
  7 - 8 p.m. 
Oct. 13
PSATs for 11th Grade Students
Oct. 28 -29
Siman Tov 
& Mazel Tov:
On the Births of Girls(future TAM Students)to:
Rabbi and Mrs. Daniel Goldman ( Michall Rubin)
Rabbi and Mrs. Aryeh Zev Gartner (Rivke Hoffman Class of 2001)
Rabbi and Mrs. Yonah Zohn

We would like to extend our condolences to the families of:

  Rabbi Jack Anton
Azriel Rauch
Mrs. Veve Reiffman

May they be comforted among the mourners of Tzion.
TAM is off and running for a new year. We have 17 entering Freshmen, 3 new Sophomores, bringing our total enrollment to 50 exuberant teenagers!
The roster includes:
  •  2 sets of twins
  •  3 girls from Seattle, Washington
  •  4 sisters in school all at the same time!
Stir in love, encouragement and a nurturing atmosphere and you have a recipe for a successful year ahead!
Rosh Hashanah Thoughts:Secrets of a Sweet Year 
Rebbetzin Chani Twerski on Rosh Hashana
lectren3Rebbetzin Chani Twerski addressed the students and staff of TAM on how to personally prepare for Yom Hadin.
Rebbetzin Twerski explained why Rosh Hashanah, which is a day of Judgment, is also a day of joy.  As the birthday of the world we celebrate the fact that G-d chose to create us.
The students greatly enjoyed the many stories that Rebbetzin Twerski weaved into her talk to illustrate her points. The day itself included apple picking at Barthel Fruit Farm in Mequon.
Yom Iyun: Do It Now!
Rabbi Avrohom B. Rauch  honored the students with a shmooze on the importance of correcting one's middos now. With examples from Torah, Neviim and Gemarrahs, as well as awe-inspiring stories from Baalei Mussar, the students were driven to make immediate changes. The shmooze was followed by a project focused on planting the seeds of growth in their middos.  
Yasher Koach on a Great Flower Sale!

Thank You to Our Volunteers 
The TAM flower sale was a resounding success, with over 100 bouquets sold. 
Thank you to: Chana Lieberman & Gila Saltzman and their committee for their tireless efforts on behalf of TAM.
A special thanks goes to: Kosher Meat Klub, Ohr Hatorah and the Zachai Family for hosting distribution.
Wish List - You Can Make a Difference! 
. TAM's Wish List
With TAM's enrollment at a 20-year high, we face a serious shortage of computers.
Someone is investigating bulk deals online, cash contributions toward this project are greatly appreciated!
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