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July 1, 2010              Popaditch for Congress Dis-Patch                      Vol.1 No.1
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Dear ,    


Welcome to the first edition of the Popaditch for Congress Dis-Patch.  The goal is to provide you with the latest information about my campaign and the many opportunities you have to become involved.  Please enjoy our first edition and feel free forward this to your friends.


Semper Fi,

Nick Popaditch
7-1 Nick and April
Nick and April Popaditch
Nick's Notes Final

As we celebrate Independence Day this July 4th, let us not forget why we do so...


Our Founding Fathers took a stand for liberty and boldly declared their independence 234 years ago. They stood against tyranny, against taxation without representation, and against subjugation of their individual rights. They risked their lives and their property for a voice. They declared intrepidly that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were God-given rights and not granted from a King. They knew that our rights come from God. No Congressman, Senator, or President can take them away from you.   

Our Founding Fathers paid in blood for their freedom. Nobly, they chose to secure this freedom for others who would reside in this great Nation after them. The Constitution was drafted to safeguard the liberty of Americans. It clearly sets forth and defines the role of the Federal government and strictly limits governmental intrusion into your personal liberties. The Constitution is a LIMITING document. It limits Federal power.

The freedoms won during the Revolutionary War allowed Americans to pursue their own dreams, and together we built the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen. Along the way, history's dictators and today's Islamic terrorists have sought to bring this Nation down-but Patriots have always stood to defend her. And they have paid for our freedoms again with their blood and handed down a legacy of liberty and prosperity to our generation. Freedom's chain of custody rests now squarely upon our shoulders. Future generations are counting on us-you and me-to do the right thing to preserve the liberties we enjoy today.


In 2004, General James Mattis of the United States Marine Corps explained, "If you ask a Marine to move a piano, he won't start by picking up the bench." Go where the fight is, do the heavy-lifting. These words inspired me in Iraq, where I was serving with the 1st Marine Division. These same words inspire me to run for Congress now.

I will go to Washington, D.C., and represent YOU, my fellow citizen. I will fight against Nancy Pelosi's liberalism or President Obama's transformation of America. This November is the time for strong leaders who have the courage to stand up and shout "No!"


"No!" to irresponsible spending and tens of trillions in debt passed on dishonorably to our children.


"No!" to 2000-page legislation bills that steal your liberty away from you and expand the role of government into your daily life.


"No!" to politicians treating our liberties as bargaining chips.


I will have the courage to stand up and say "No" so that you can say "Yes!" to opportunities and freedoms here in California's 51st District.


As we celebrate Independence Day this July 4, let us not forget why. So many have given so much for our freedoms. Let's work together, today, to preserve all the liberties and prosperity they sacrificed for. Don't allow the chain of custody of liberty to be broken on our watch.

7-1 Nick and April
Q & A from
Popaditch for



What is your stance on abortion? 


Answer: I am pro-life and believe life begins at conception. The unborn do not have the ability to protect themselves. It is our responsibility to protect every human life. It is the honorable thing to do.


Question: I support you but do not live in your District and cannot vote for you. What can I do to help?


Answer: Although you cannot vote for me, I can vote for you, and all other Americans, when I get on the Hill. Legislation passed (or defeated) in Congress affects all Americans. One easy way to help is to spread the word. Refer friends to the website or forward this newsletter along to people you know. They might be concerned, just like you, and looking for a way to get involved. Contact the campaign office. You would be surprised to find out that there are a number of things you can do from outside the district.


Finally, contribute to the campaign. I know times are tough right now and you could do many other things with your hard earned dollars. I treat donated money as I will tax dollars. I don't waste a penny. It is all spent to support our goal of taking back Congress.



Normally, we would focus on less publicized areas of Bob's voting record, but today let's analyze the Health Care Bill. Although it is well known that he voted for its passage, Bob's position before the vote was AWOL-ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE. Town halls were held across the nation, but he refused to host a single one here in the 51st District. Filner was no where to be found, and his position on the subject was just as murky. Obviously he knew his constituency did not favor this bill. Bob now claims that "Everyone in my district loves it." I don't remember being asked. Do you?  


There are so many disturbing aspects to this bill, but today I am only going to focus on one. As an American, you no longer have a choice about whether or not you want Health Care Insurance (unless you are an illegal alien). If you live in the United States, you MUST purchase it. The Declaration of Independence clearly states that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are God-given rights. The Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid Democrats have found a way to tax your God given right to Life. I find this complete disregard for our Nation's founding documents disturbing, but not surprising. If the government can FORCE you to buy something against your will, what can it not do? Can it force you next year to buy a GM car?  Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that Bob and his fellow politicians who voted for this bill didn't even read it. We all remember Speaker Pelosi's famous line, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it." Filner responded to criticism from the Veteran's of Foreign Wars by stating, "If there is something in there [harming Veterans], we will fix it." (Navy Times, Mar 26). He didn't know before he voted? That alone makes him unqualified to serve as your Congressman.


Just so you know, Bob, when the President spoke of EVERYBODY'S kids being covered up to age 26, that was everybody EXCEPT the kids of our active military and retired military veterans. They get dropped at age 18. But why worry about the details? These are just the families who sacrifice for our liberty.


Send Bob Filner and the rest of the country a message this November. Vote him out of office.

7-1 Nick and April

Nick inspires our community to get involved!
Nick recently made a comment about how he used to yell at the radio and television in frustration of what he was hearing.  We responded with laughter, because we could relate. Many of us are volunteering in a political campaign for the first time because of that frustration, anger and hopelessness we feel about what is happening to our country.  We fear for our children and grandchildren and what their future will be. But what does volunteering and "getting involved" in taking back our country mean? 

When do you start? Right now! The power is in the people's vote and we need you to help us reach those voters. Nick's win is a win for our cities, our state, our country and our future.  What can you do?  Phone calls, precinct walks, neighborhood walks, participate in car caravans, voter registration, meet and greets, volunteer outreach, planning events, participating in events, fundraising, organizing speaking opportunities for Nick, calling talk radio, sending emails, writing newspapers, talking to your friends, your neighbors, your family members, the person in line in front of you at the grocery store about Nick (I bring up Nick's name every chance I get).  Incorporate your participation in helping to stop the Obama/Filner/Pelosi train wreck into your everyday life anyway you can.  Obama/Filner/Pelosi have no problem incorporating their agenda in every part of your life. 

Be creative, be active and have fun doing it.  How do you do these things?  Stop by or call the office at (303 F St., Chula Vista; 619-422-4700)  and let us know what you want to do.  We have volunteers who have been doing all of the above for sometime now.  You just have to decide what to do, and then do it. Our only option isn't to just yell at the TV anymore and complain to each other. We have a city, state and country in need, we have the first massive, spontaneous grassroots movement in a generation growing stronger everyday.  We have a great candidate, an American hero, who is exactly who we need in Washington fighting for us. 

Let's get active and get involved to help get our country back on the right track!    

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 
From the Frontier



Great ideas are born on the ditch banks in the Imperial Valley.

That's where Matt L. and Eddie W., two agribusiness men, were last week when the Popaditch - Filner Town hall Meeting started as a "let's do something" conversation, which led to a phone call, that prompted an email and some Facebook postings.

However after several back and forth emails with Filner's office, the Congressman has declined to attend the event, with no explanation. "We think it is in Filner's best interest to participate," said Leavitt. "We will continue to try and get him down here for a debate."


A Meet and Greet is still on for Gunny to be held July 8th in Imperial Valley.  Please watch Nick's schedule for more details.   

When asked about his preference to Popadtich over Filner, Leavitt said, "Nick shares my views overall and Filner is pro choice. Filner also voted strong on the healthcare bill. As a business owner I am more inclined to have as little government in my business as possible. The harder they tax the business owner the harder it is for me to grow my business."


News from Outside Dist 51

New Jersey supports Nick Popaditch! 


Evidence for the strength of Nick's message is unmistakable. From the precincts inside California District 51 to northern California and from Hawaii to Maine, voters are lining up to help in what promises to be a battle to the finish for Nick.  But then we all know what a warrior Nick is.


Such a voter is Joanne V. A resident of Englewood, New Jersey, Joanne was researching Veterans running for office in 2010 when she came upon Nick's Popaditch for website.  Joanne was so impressed with Nick that she volunteered to telephone voters in District 51 from New Jersey!  READ MORE... When asked what particularly struck her about Nick, she said, "I think that a man who has fought as Nick has for his country has a much better knowledge about securing our freedoms than many of those in Washington, D.C., such as President Obama who has no knowledge about it."


A recent endorsement by Gov. Mike Huckabee and Huck PAC came with the following statement:


"As a decorated United States Marine, Nick Popaditch has clearly shown his loyalty and love of country. Nick was a career Marine who first served his nation in combat as a Sergeant during Operation Desert Shield and Storm - after an Honorable Discharge - he decided to re-enlist and returned to the front lines in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Nick's willingness to serve is testament to his character and heart.  Now, Nick is once again going to serve and protect our liberties...this time from liberals in Washington.  Californians deserve a leader like Nick who'll fight for limited government, champion a strong national defense and work to secure our borders."


Enough said!

7-1 Nick and AprilOpportunities abound to support Nick Popaditch for Congress!
Our Volunteer coordinator is seeking volunteers for many events.  Here are just a few
Blast from the Past Car Show  -- Tuesdays 4-8 throughout the summer. Volunteers to man table near 266 3rd Avenue, Chula Vista.
El Centro Ice Cream Social --Thursday July 29, 5-10pm, location TBA  
Chula Vista Lemon Festival -- Sunday August 8, 3rd Avenue, downtown  Chula Vista. Volunteers to man table.
BonitaFest-- Saturday September 25, 6 am - 6 pm, Bonita Road between Willow Street and Otay Lakes Road. Volunteers to set up, man booth and break down.
Email  to volunteer.