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Q3, 2010 

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Desktop Virtualization...Are you ready?
Trend Micro is #1 in 'Real-World' Testing
Is Your Computer Running Outdated (and UnProtected) Software?
Your 2011 IT Budget
Commentary on Desktop Virtualization
Like Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualizaton promises to offer significant benefits to companies that can successfully implement the technology.  The technology allows a user's 'desktop' to be run in an organization's data center on servers instead of at the user's desk.  This can save on computer costs and help maintain better control and security of company data.
One of the biggest advantages that Desktop Virtualization offers is the reduced workload on your IT staff.  Instead of having to visit every computer, administrators can deploy and manage user desktops completely from the server - and changes often only have to be applied once to a 'master' image instead of to every machine.
Initial implementation costs can vary depending on an organization's current infrastructure.  Ongoing costs include Microsoft desktop software subscriptions.
The two primary software manufacturers in the Desktop Virtualization space are Citrix and VMware.  Citrix has long been viewed as the leader in Application Virtualization (Terminal Services) while VMware is the number one provider of Server Virtualization software.  Each company takes a slightly different approach to desktop virtualization and neither has become the dominant vendor. 
If you'd like to learn more about Desktop Virtualization and the differences between VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop, please feel free to contact us at or (248) 536-1001.
Trend Micro Ranks 1st in Competitive Anti-Virus Software Test 
With new threats introduced every 1.5 seconds, organizations need a top-performing anti-virus solution at the core of their security strategy.  Network Source One has been recommending Trend Micro for years and once again, it outperformed all other tier-one vendors in 'real-world' testing by
According to, traditional tests have focused on identifying the product that can best detect a set of known malware files during a closed test. This type of testing is outdated and does not take into account how threats typically propagate today, nor how computers are used. In this test, utilized a testing methodology that was more real-world focused in which the samples were malicious URLs with associated malware files and allowed the solutions to block threats at their source (Exposure Layer), during download (Infection Layer) or on execution (Dynamic Layer). Also tested was the ability to source, analyze and protect against any samples that went undetected during the first round by re-testing 1 hour later.
See a summary of results and download the report here.
Commonly Used Operating Systems No Longer Supported 
Old CarsIt's official, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP (SP2) and Windows Server 2000.  This means that they are no longer receiving updates, including critical security updates like the one released earlier this month.  If you have been hesitating on upgrading your IT equipment, this should be the final justification that you need. 
Many organizations are still running Windows XP (note: SP3 is still supported), however, Microsoft's new OS, Windows 7, has proven itself to be safer, faster and more reliable.  Windows 7 even offers the ability to run an 'XP mode' so users can still run applications that require an XP operating system.
If you are using FACSys software for faxing, as of June 30th this year, version 4.9 is no longer supported.  For continued product support, emFAST requires customers to upgrade to 5.0 or newer.
Please contact us if you would like us to review your systems and recommend upgrades as necessary.
Do you forecast your IT budget? 
Checkbook PictureAs part of being a valued partner, Network Source One can help you forecast and budget your IT expenses.  For our customers who renew all maintenance and subscription contracts through us, we provide a forecast of annual renewal costs.  For customers that have a platinum support contract for our services, we offer a more comprehensive forecast for their IT budget. 
Let us know if you would like to discuss monthly service contracts or IT budget forecasts.

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