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Q2, 2010 

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Microsoft Office 2010 is out...and 'in the Cloud'
What is your 'Green IT' Savings?
St. Bernard is coming to Breakfast!
Microsoft Office 2010 is out!
Microsoft is now selling Office 2010.  The new release includes version of the Word, Excel, and other Office applications that run inside Web browsers without having to install the programs on a PC. However, full functionality and certain applications, such as Outlook, will still require installation on a computer.  Users will be able to share documents or presentations with others by sending them an e-mail directly from Office applications with a link to a Microsoft SkyDrive or a SharePoint site.
Word now comes with photo editing, while PowerPoint includes video editing.  Both features previously required (sometimes expensive) third-party products.
For Volume licensing customers, Office 2010 only comes in two versions - Standard and Professional Plus.  Standard licenses include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher.  Pro Plus licenses add Access, InfoPath, Communicator, and SharePoint Workspace.  Customers that own Office Small Business licenses with Software Assurance will be allowed to renew up to Pro Plus licenses.
Call us at (248) 536-1001 ext. 1 with any questions or to discuss implementing Office 2010 for your company.
Easy Steps to big Energy Savings. 
Green ITAfter years of growing power needs by computers and Data Centers, attention is finally being drawn to savings that can be achieved by relatively simple steps.  Ford will save $1.2 million by implementing a system that powers down computers when not in use.  However, you don't need to be a giant company to realize significant cost savings.  One of our customers started turning computers and monitors off every night.  They saved $30,000 in a year on their electric bills. 
Besides powering equipment off when not in use, new technology can lead to greater savings.  New computers and servers are now more energy efficient.  Virtualization technologies allow companies to operate with less computer hardware.  Contact us if you want to discuss ways to 'go green' and save on your energy costs...and let us know how much you save!
Lunch & Breakfast! 
Coffee St. Bernard will be demonstrating the iPrism Web Filter at Network Source One this Thursday morning, May 20th, 2010.  Most malware is now delivered from internet web sites - including legitimate websites that have been compromised.  Come learn why Advanced Web Filtering has become a critically important part of any company's security strategy.  The iPrism is the #1 Web Filtering appliance on the market - and only 'Citrix-ready' Web filtering appliance.  
Coffee, juice, and breakfast sandwiches will be served!  Presentation starts at 8:30 am.  RSVP to or 248.536.1041. 

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