May 19, 2011
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Expert Perspective:

National Accreditation
of Paramedic Educational Programs 


Pat Tritt 



"If we always keep in mind that our first goal is to do no harm, and our second is to provide safe patient care, how can we make that happen? How can we assure a competency-based education program and that all our graduates-ALL our graduates--meet those standards? Accreditation is the answer."  

Patricia Tritt, RN, MA; Director, EMS and Trauma
HealthONE EMS, Englewood, CO


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National Accreditation: Why and How (4:53)


Meet CoAEMSP Chairman of the Board 
Doug York 


Doug York

As Chairman of the Board, Doug makes sure the business of the CoAEMSP is carried out as well as overseeing its work. Doug provides direction for the Executive Director, Dr. George Hatch, and is responsible for the functions of all subcommittees, as well as establishing new subcommittees as needed. Doug is also responsible for developing the agendas for all CoAEMSP meetings. He assumes all other duties that would normally be assigned to the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation. 


Doug has been an EMS provider since 1973, and employed by the University of Iowa Hospitals, EMS Learning Resources Center since 1982. He has served as Director of the EMSLRC since 1992, and was appointed to the CoAEMSP Board of Directors by NAEMT in 2002. 


Doug also serves as the NAEMT (PHTLS) Coordinator for the State of Iowa. In 2001, the NAEMT named Doug EMS Instructor of the Year, and named him the NAEMT Commissioner to CAAHEP in 2004. 


Doug was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors for CoAEMSP in 2010.   


Plan to Attend the June Accreditation Workshop


Hurry! You Have Until May 24 to Register!  


Accreditation Workshop: STEPS TO SUCCESS


This comprehensive two-day accreditation workshop will arm you with all you need for a successful accreditation experience. You will receive hands-on instructions and guidance. Plan to attend now. 


Pittsburgh, PA - Friday June 3, 2011 8:00 AM 

to Saturday June 4, 2011 at 12:00 PM 



Join us for an informative workshop, which will include the:

  1. Concept and overview of accreditation 
  2. Process of accreditation 
  3. Steps to the self study report with examples 
  4. Site visit process--how to prepare for it and what happens during and after the visit 
  5. Common stumbling blocks to accreditation and how to overcome them



Registration is $325.  


This fee includes the cost of the workshop plus breakfast, lunch and breaks each day. 

Registration will close automatically after May 24, 2011.

Space is limited so register now!  



September 14-15 - NAEMSE Symposium, Reno, NV
More information here
Register here

November 14-15, Atlanta
Registration will open at a later date


"Thank You" for Your Dedication and Service 


2011 EMS Week  

National EMS Week May 15-21, 2011 calls for a "thank you" for all you do to promote professionalism and safety in EMS. Your hard work makes a difference--now and throughout the year. 


George W. Hatch Jr., EdD, LP, EMT-P, Executive Director

Karen Franks, Assistant to the Executive Director

Bill Goding, MEd, RRT, Technical Consultant

Jennifer Anderson Warwick, MA, Site Visit Coordinator

Lynn Caruthers, Accreditation Services Assistant



Chair  Douglas K. York, NREMT-P, PS (NAEMT) 

Vice-Chair  Deb Cason, MS, RN, EMT-P (NREMT) 

Secretary/Treasurer  James M. Atkins, MD, FACC (ACC)

Executive Committee Member-At-Large
Thomas B. Brazelton III, MD, MPH, FAAP (AAP)    


David S. Becker, MA, EMT-P (IAFC)

Jeff Beeson DO, LP (ACEP)

David Eric Bentley, MD, FACS (ACS)

Paul A. Berlin, MS, NREMT-P (IAFC)

Sabina Braithwaite, MD, MPH, FACEP (NAEMSP)

Gregory Frailey, DO (ACOEP)

Robert E. Fromm, Jr, MD, FACEP, MPH (ACEP)

Seth Izenberg, MD, FACS (ACS)

Murray A. Kalish, MD, MBA (ASA)

Stephen Karl, MD, FACS, FAAP (AAP)

Gordon A. Kokx, MS, NREMT-P, (NAEMT)

Abraham Layon, MD (ASA)

Bill Mergendahl (AAA)

Joseph Mistovich, MEd, NREMT-P (NREMT)

Joe A. Nelson, DO (ACOEP)

William Raynovich, EdD, NREMT-P, (NAEMSE)

Paul Sirbaugh, DO, FAAP, FACEP (NAEMSP)

Michael A. Solomon, MD, FACC, (ACC)

Peter Taillac, MD (NASEMSO)

Ron Thachery (AAA)

Donna G. Tidwell, BS, RN, EMT-P (NASEMSO)

Patricia Tritt, RN, MA (NAEMSE)    


The Alphabet Soup of Accreditation 

 by Kathy Megivern, Executive Director, CAAHEP


NN2 Logo


Every field has its acronyms and, of course, accreditation is no different. CAAHEP, NLNAC, JRCERT, ACICS, ABHES, and on and on.

But there are two important acronyms that are not actually accrediting organizations. Nonetheless, you may hear frequent references to them.


Read the article, appearing in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of NN2 Connections, the newsletter of the National Network of Health Career Programs in Two Year Colleges. 



Resources on Accreditation

by Deb Cason, NAEMSE Representative to CAAHEP 
Reprinted from NAEMSE Educator Update, Winter 2011 


It's not long now! January 1, 2013 is the date! Only 23 months before paramedic programs must submit their self study report in order to become accredited and allow graduates to take the National Paramedic Certification exam. (At publication of this issue, the NREMT believes they will allow graduates from programs who have completed their self study to take the National Paramedic certification exam. A formal policy announcement from the NREMT will be issued in the near future). But do not fear! Resources are available to assist you in this process! This article will focus on resources to get your started and to develop the Initial-Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR). The ISSR is the first step in accreditation, and occurs before a site visit. The following is a partial list of resources:

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP) website, 

1. About Accreditation-this section is useful to identify WHAT accreditation is and WHY its important 

2. Accreditation Glossary-this is a generic accreditation glossary that applies to all programs in all CAAHEP disciplines. It includes the types of accreditation and what are standards and guidelines. 

3. Find an Accredited Program-this section of the website allows anyone to first identify the profession and then the state and lists each accredited program for that state. Program personnel may be able to find a program or program(s) that can help answer some questions and assist in the self study process. 

4. For Program Directors-the most important document in this section is the Request for Accreditation Services (RAS) which gets a program into the CAAHEP system and puts the program on a mailing list for information. Completing this RAS doesn't mean the program has actually "applied" for accreditation nor does it provide any accreditation status. A program actually "applies" for accreditation by submitting the self study document. 

5. YAM-Your Accreditation Mentor-this is a small tab at the top of the home page and has a wealth of information on becoming accredited including the CAAHEP Standards & Guidelines, Domains of Learning, Beginning the Accreditation Process, Writing the Self Study and hosting the Site Visit, etc. This is a valuable resource for any 
program director! Videos are also in this section that assist in accreditation.

Part II Next Month 

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