July 8, 2010
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Don't Miss the July 9 Webinar!

CalendarCoAEMSP is providing current site visitors with a series of important webinars this summer to educate and update site visitors on recent changes within CoAEMSP. These include changes in the site visit process, interpretations of the Standards, and resources available to site visitors and programs.

Site visitors are required to successfully complete any required Site Visitor Updates (with post update exam) and attend any required CE sessions provided by the CoAEMSP (web-based, in-person, or other format) to ensure continuous compliance with CAAHEP Standards to maintain their status as a CoAEMSP/CAAHEP site visitor. The webinars will be provided online at a later date.

Please join us live to learn about:

July 9 at 2:00PM EDT / 1:00PM CDT / 12 Noon MDT / 11:00 AM PDT
Site Visit Report, Sponsorship, and Bachelors degree.
Register here.

July 16 at 2:00PM EDT / 1:00PM CDT / 12 Noon MDT / 11:00 AM PDT
CoAEMSP interpretations of the CAAHEP Standards,
including validity and reliability; preceptors; medical director; clerical resources; and student evaluations.
Register here.

August 18 at 3:00PM EDT / 2:00PM CDT / 1:00PM MDT / 12:00 Noon PDT

Due to demand, CoAEMSP is offering its inaugural webinar again: Changes in the process, the Site Visitor Manual, and state government issues.
Register here.

Who is the Accreditor?

CAAHEP LogoThe common misunderstanding in the EMS community is that CoAEMSP accredits Paramedic programs; however, CAAHEP is the accreditor and CoAEMSP works under the auspices of CAAHEP.

Standard V.A.2. states, "At least the following must be made known to all applicants and students: the sponsor's institutional and programmatic accreditation status as well as the name, address and phone number of the accrediting agencies,..."

Too many times programs advertise their CoAEMSP accreditation status and fail to mention CAAHEP. To help programs with the proper language, CAAHEP has a policy that provides the language. According to CAAHEP Policy 302 (as modified for CoAEMSP), in at least one of its comprehensive publications customarily used to officially convey institutional information, the Program must state:

The [name of program] is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
1361 Park Street
Clearwater, FL 33756

You're Invited!
Site Visitor Update Luncheon at NAEMSE Annual Symposium

WHAT:    CoAEMSP Site Visitor Update
               (Special Invitational Session)

WHO:      Current CoAEMSP Site Visitors

WHEN:     Friday, September 10, 2010; 12:30 - 2:30PM

WHERE:   NAEMSE Annual Symposium, Schaumburg (Chicago), IL

WHY:       to show our appreciation for your work with us

RSVP:      to Jennifer at or 817.330.0080,  X114

We Need Your Picture!

CoAEMSP is getting new name badges! The look is fresh, professional, and jazzy! To complete these name badges, we need your picture. The name badge will identify you as a CoAEMSP/CAAHEP Site Visitor with your name, credentials, and picture, along with emergency contact information of CoAEMSP staff.

Please email Jennifer at a headshot of you that includes a white or neutral wall for a background. The photo does not need to be professionally taken; however, a professional photograph will be accepted.

Who to Contact at CoAEMSP

Ever wonder who you should contact at CoAEMSP with site visitor related questions? Do you find yourself being transferred (or disconnected in the middle of a transfer) or your email is forwarded to a different person? To help you reach the right person the first time, here is a look at who to contact with your question regarding site visits and site visitors:

Q. Have you mailed the Self Study Report to the SV Team?               
Contact: Karen

Q. Have you received my expense report or mailed the expense check?
Contact: Karen

Q. When can I book my travel to the site visit?
Contact: Jennifer

Q. Who do I contact about booking my travel?
Contact: Jennifer or

Q. I have a question about the Executive Analysis or Self Study Report
Contact: George

Q. I would like to recommend someone to be a site visitor
Contact: Jennifer

Q. May I get a copy of the Program's last Annual Report?
Contact: Karen

Q. I would like to go on a site visit
Contact: Jennifer

Q. Can I rent a car?
Contact: Jennifer or George

Q. Site Visit Scheduling/Coordination
Contact: Jennifer

Q. What are the requirements to maintain my site visitor status?   
Contact: Jennifer

Karen: or 817-330-0080, Ext 111
Jennifer: or 817-330-0080, Ext 114
George: or 817-330-0080, Ext 112

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