July15, 2010
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Reminder: Progress Reports Are Due September 1
Do you have a progress report or a response to a site visit due September 1? If yes, schedule it on your calendar to submit it on time. Due dates for progress reports and site visit responses are set corresponding to upcoming CoAEMSP Board meetings, and extensions will not be given unless it is an extenuating circumstance.
Have you ever wondered what happens with that report after the CoAEMSP receives it? This is the process used for each  report you submit:

1. Karen compiles four different agenda files (everything is electronic), each consisting of one-fourth of the programs on the next agenda. For the November meeting there are 81, yes 81, programs scheduled for review.

2. Karen schedules conference calls with each Review Team and provides material for their assigned programs. Review Teams consist of CoAEMSP Board members, and there are four teams: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta.

3. The Review Teams meet to review the accreditation record for the programs they are assigned and make recommendations to the CoAEMSP Board.

4. Jennifer compiles the Review Teams' comments into the Recommendation form.

5. Karen compiles another agenda book that includes the recommendation forms and all of the program material and mails it to the CoAEMSP Board. This time every Board member receives each program's information. The goal is for the Board members to receive agenda material two weeks in advance of the meeting, providing them time to review the agenda documents.
If a program's report is not submitted on time, the Program will still appear on the agenda and the Board will makes its decision or recommendation based on the information provided on or before the due date of September 1.
Questions? Call or email Karen at or 817.330.0080, x114.

Now is the Time to Start Thinking about Annual Reports
We may be in the thick of summer, but it is time to begin thinking about the filing deadline for the 2010 annual report, which is December 1, 2010. The ability to access the report and detailed instructions will be available September 1.

Look for more information in a future issue of this eUpdate. If you have questions pertaining to the report, contact Bill at or 817.330.0080, x113.

Check Your Records For Our Mailing Address

mailCoAEMSP moved...2 years ago!
Mail is still forwarded from the old Bedford address courtesy of its current tenants. Please confirm you have the correct CoAEMSP address to send self study reports, checks, etc. Check with your accounting department, Dean's office, President's office, etc. Check everywhere.

The CoAEMSP address is:
4101 W. Green Oaks Blvd.,
Suite 305-599
Arlington, TX 76016

Attend These Summer and Fall Accreditation Workshops
Geared to Non-Accredited Programs Plus New Program Directors for Accredited Programs

This course covers topics such as accreditation overview, self study, site visit preparation, and the preparation of annual reports. Take this opportunity to be guided step-by-step by experienced CoAEMSP and NAEMSE faculty through the accreditation process. Register today!

Sponsored by CoAEMSP and NAEMSE.

"Accreditation is NOT a Four Letter Word"

San Antonio, TX: August 20 - 21
Location: TBA
Click here for more information and to register.
Atlanta, GA: October 28-29
Location: TBA
More information coming soon!

Contact NAEMSE at (412) 920-4775 or with questions. Register today!

CoAEMSP is on the Road

USA MapExecutive Director Dr. George Hatch has traveled extensively in the last year and a half speaking about accreditation of Paramedic educational programs. Dr. Hatch has been in 29 states in the last 18 months making presentations, meeting with state officials and program directors, and providing assistance regarding accreditation.

 "The CoAEMSP is committed to helping educators and states understand how the EMS Agenda for the Future impacts accreditation of Paramedic educational programs," Dr. Hatch explains. "We want to help make the process as simple as possible."

In addition, the CoAEMSP is scheduled to attend various EMS conferences in the coming months. Check future issues of this eUpdate to see where the CoAEMSP will be next.
Becoming Accredited: Where Do I Start?

Question MarkA question the CoAEMSP hears most frequently is how to become accredited. That's a great question and we have a great answer. The CoAEMSP has a complete section on its website devoted to helping educational programs become accredited.

We recommend that you read the introductory section (it's not long) to familiarize yourself with its contents.

You will first complete the "Request for Accreditation Services" found on the CAAHEP website. Read this page and then complete the form.

Programs will then need to complete a written Initial-Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) and an on-site review.

This section also contains a great deal of helpful resources to assist you in the process:

Candid perspectives of program directors.

Facts about Paramedic program accreditation.

CoAEMSP accreditation Resource Packet.

Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions and what it means to EMS.

CAAHEP Accreditation Manual.

SAMPLE completed accreditation documents.

We hope this helps make the accreditation process seem less intimidating.
Program Directors With No Bachelors Degree: You Have a Progress Report Due August 31

If you are a Program Director without a Bachelors Degree and CoAEMSP is tracking your progress toward the Bachelors Degree, chances are you have a report due to the CoAEMSP on or before August 31.

The Progress Report must include an official sealed transcript documenting successful completion of at least 15 credits toward the Bachelors Degree and a letter signed by the Program's sponsor's chief executive officer (i.e., President, Fire Chief, CEO) stating that the sponsor is aware that the Program Director (1) must be matriculated in a Bachelor's degree program and (2) must complete a minimum of 15 credits toward the degree each year. 

The Progress Report must be emailed to If you have questions regarding this, contact Karen via email or phone at 817.330.0080, x111.
Time Extension Offered to
Program Directors Needing to Obtain a Bachelors Degree for Accreditation

cap diplomaOne of the requirements for accreditation of Paramedic educational programs is that the program director must possess a Bachelors degree. Because some programs may find it difficult to meet this requirement by the 2013 date, the CoAEMSP Board of Directors has approved a Bachelors Degree Plan for Program Directors.
This plan provides an extended period of time for the program director of a program seeking Initial Accreditation to obtain his/her Bachelors degree. To be eligible for this plan, the program must submit its Initial Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) and fees to the CoAEMSP for evaluation prior to January 1, 2011. Doing so will allow the program director to demonstrate that qualification by current enrollment and continual satisfactory academic progress (defined as a minimum of 15 semester hours per year) toward a Bachelors degree until successfully completed.

Step 1
Make sure it has an accreditation-eligible sponsor. This can be a college, university, hospital, clinic, medical center, U.S. Armed Forces, governmental educational or medical services, governmental fire academy or governmental EMS training agency, or a consortium. Complete information about accreditation-eligible sponsors is here.

Step 2
Complete the CAAHEP Request for Accreditation Services form found here.

Step 3
Complete the Initial Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) found here.

Step 4
Submit the completed Initial Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) and appropriate fees.
Submission of a completed ISSR by January 1, 2011, will make the program director eligible for the extended period of time to complete a Bachelors degree. More information is available here. For additional information or assistance, contact Bill Goding at or 817.330.0080, x113.
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