June 16, 2010
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Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

Policies and ProceduresHave you ever missed a deadline? What was the consequence? Have you ever set a deadline that was not met by others? What was the consequence?

Deadlines are set for a variety of reasons: to communicate a specific time and date when something is due. Deadlines allow projects to move forward in a timely manner rather than drag on forever.

CoAEMSP is experiencing the later - Programs missing deadlines. When a Program misses a deadline, the consequence may be that the Program does not appear on the next Board agenda, is placed on administrative probation, or its accreditation process is extended. 

Deadlines set by CoAEMSP and CAAHEP are established to coincide with Board meetings and failure to submit material on time causes delays in preparing the Program materials in time for meetings. At this moment, while typing this article, there are 12 past-due progress reports, one past-due site visit response, and three past-due self studies. CoAEMSP sends past due notices when a deadline is missed by one day, which often results in excuses and requests for extensions. Well, this affects the review process, and as a Program Director who has put hours and hours and hours into your self study report, you probably want due attention to your Program's materials.

To be clear, if you miss a CoAEMSP set deadline, the consequence will be the Program is placed on a future Board agenda, which may be another three months, delaying the accreditation process. In the future, unless there are extenuating circumstances, no more extensions will be granted. Failure to meet any of the administrative requirements, including submissions of all reports (self-study, progress, annual, etc.) may lead to administrative probation and ultimately to the withdrawal of accreditation. CAAHEP will immediately rescind administrative probation once all administrative deficiencies have been rectified.

Annual Fee to CoAEMSP Due July 31

Invoices for the annual fee were mailed the beginning of May, and are due on or before July 31. The annual fee is $1200; CoAEMSP accepts checks only. Invoices were mailed to the Program Director, unless the Program has a specific billing contact listed with CoAEMSP.

Have not received the invoice or have other questions? Contact Karen at or 817.330.0080, ext 111.

There's Still Time to Register for the June Accreditation Workshop!
Geared to Non-Accredited Programs Plus New Program Directors for Accredited Programs

Register now for the June 25-26 workshop. Or plan ahead for the August and October sessions.

This course covers topics such as accreditation overview, self study, site visit preparation, and the preparation of annual reports. Take this opportunity to be guided step-by-step by experienced CoAEMSP and NAEMSE faculty through the accreditation process. Register today!

Sponsored by CoAEMSP and NAEMSE.

"Accreditation is NOT a Four Letter Word"

Philadelphia, PA: June 25 - 26
Held in partnership with Jefferson University Hospital EMS Training Room
Click here for more information and to register.
San Antonio, TX: August 20 - 21
Location: TBA
Click here for more information and to register.
Atlanta, GA: October 28-29
Location: TBA
More information coming soon!

Contact NAEMSE at (412) 920-4775 or with questions. Register today!

Program Directors With No Bachelors Degree: You Have a Progress Report Due August 31

If you are a Program Director without a Bachelors Degree and CoAEMSP is tracking your progress toward the Bachelors Degree, chances are you have a report due to the CoAEMSP on or before August 31.

The Progress Report must include an official sealed transcript documenting successful completion of at least 15 credits toward the Bachelors Degree and a letter signed by the Program's sponsor's chief executive officer (i.e., President, Fire Chief, CEO) stating that the sponsor is aware that the Program Director (1) must be matriculated in a Bachelor's degree program and (2) must complete a minimum of 15 credits toward the degree each year. 

The Progress Report must be emailed to If you have questions regarding this, contact Karen via email or phone at 817.330.0080, x111.
Time Extension Offered to
Program Directors Needing to Obtain a Bachelors Degree for Accreditation

cap diplomaOne of the requirements for accreditation of Paramedic educational programs is that the program director must possess a Bachelors degree. Because some programs may find it difficult to meet this requirement by the 2013 date, the CoAEMSP Board of Directors has approved a Bachelors Degree Plan for Program Directors.
This plan provides an extended period of time for the program director of a program seeking Initial Accreditation to obtain his/her Bachelors degree. To be eligible for this plan, the program must submit its Initial Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) and fees to the CoAEMSP for evaluation prior to January 1, 2011. Doing so will allow the program director to demonstrate that qualification by current enrollment and continual satisfactory academic progress (defined as a minimum of 15 semester hours per year) toward a Bachelors degree until successfully completed.

Step 1
Make sure it has an accreditation-eligible sponsor. This can be a college, university, hospital, clinic, medical center, U.S. Armed Forces, governmental educational or medical services, governmental fire academy or governmental EMS training agency, or a consortium. Complete information about accreditation-eligible sponsors is here.

Step 2
Complete the CAAHEP Request for Accreditation Services form found here.

Step 3
Complete the Initial Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) found here.

Step 4
Submit the completed Initial Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) and appropriate fees.
Submission of a completed ISSR by January 1, 2011, will make the program director eligible for the extended period of time to complete a Bachelors degree. More information is available here. For additional information or assistance, contact Bill Goding at bill@coaemsp.orgor 817.330.0080 Ext. 113.

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