August 29, 2012  

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Salt - It's Everywhere salt

Salt.... It's in almost everything we buy. On the label you will see it as Sodium.
And of course, when you hear High Blood Pressure, the first thing you think of is...Salt! Ask anyone who has cut back on their salt intake and the first thing they will tell you is it's not as easy as it sounds. That's because it's everywhere! Since you are already reading labels now, you know this. What to do? Keep reading, and keep at it. Compare the same product, but different brands. Often times the store brand, which is cheaper by the way, has less sodium than the more expensive name brands. (This is because we are used to saltier foods being tastier foods.) You can reduce your salt intake and save a few bucks along the way! Fear not- you can add your own salt if you need to, to suite your own taste. You won't add near as much as the other brand did.
Foods that are pre-made or pre-packaged have higher salt contents, than those you would make yourself.  Keep these to a minimum. Canned foods are also high in salt. (Rinsing before use helps cut down on the salt.)
Salt is one of the factors in high blood pressure. We have more hypertensive people (people who have high blood pressure) in this country than ever before. And, of course, high blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. But you can do something about this. Pay attention to the salt content! Reading labels is so important. If it's in a package, read the label. Know which foods you eat are higher in salt, and watch how much you eat those. Choose a less salty version.

EXERCISE.  Yes, I used the "E" word. Being more physically active will help to reduce your blood pressure. Pick any one of the simple exercises on our website. Remember: more today than yesterday for physical activity. More exercise today, than you did yesterday. Start right now. Maybe your one change will be reducing salt this week. Give it a try. You will feel better.
Exercise & Menus hoola hoop
EXERCISE: The Hula-hoop

I have yet to meet someone who hasn't done this at some point in their lives. You don't have to be good at it, and you don't even need a hoop! This is such a great low-impact cardio exercise, while working your core-strength. Do it for one minute, and add on from there.

 Cuban Pork Asado with Corn Salsa
          Roasted, Toasted Asparagus
We have 2 recipes for you to try this month. Put them together, or don't. Either way you can't go wrong. These are delicious! And low in salt too! Try roasting any veggie-it brings a whole new taste to it.   
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deb's shoes It's Coming!!!

Carol's Annual Run Of Love! 
Sunday, September 16 
Warminster Community Park

It's a pretty park with paved trails; totally enclosed so you don't have to worry about traffic.

Love to run? Run with us. 
Hate to run? Walk with us.

Would love to run but don't know that you can do it?
 Try it with us.

Start now and go a little farther each day, even if it's to the next driveway down the road.  A little more each day and by September join us for a mile, or more! We can't wait to see you there. Register now so you don't forget...  
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