February 2, 2012  

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Risk Factors!
Wear Red Day!
Exercise & Menus
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Happy New Year!
A new year brings a feeling of Januaryrenewal and excitement, enthusiasm and gusto. Whatever you dream feels possible at the start of the new calendar year. It's as if you can taste the success. Oh, wait, no that isn't success I am tasting, it's the leftover cookies, well not really cookies, they were just broken pieces from the cookie tin, really just crumbs, little pieces-they were so small it was like I really didn't eat them at all. I was cleaning out all the containers getting them ready to put them away, and....

And from this we derail ourselves, where's our enthusiasm and gusto now? As quickly as it comes, is as quickly as it seems to disappear. That excitement and enthusiasm of the New Year really can stay with you this whole year. Just set yourself up for success! If you sway from your desired path, remember there is a way back. One bad turn doesn't mean give up. Just start fresh from that moment on. Forgive yourself and move forward.

"It doesn't count if I eat it standing up!". "It doesn't count if I don't have a plate!". Somehow the body doesn't listen to these excuses and we pay for them...

Today is a new day. And for the rest of this year, we are here for you. We are here with exercises and recipes, helpful hints, and new ways to pay attention to your heart. Get up and get moving this month.  You will feel better about yourself for doing so.

Risk Factors! 

What are risk factors? Thsalt & bpey're the things that put you more at risk of having heart disease. Having only one is enough to put you at risk for having some type of heart event; the more risk factors you have, the risk of some type of heart event is even greater.
Risk factors you can't control:  

  • Family history (that's the genetics you get from your ancestors-nope can't change your family!)   
  • Age and Sex, nope can't change these either.

Risk factors you can do something about: No Smoking

  • The 3 highs: 
    • High Blood Cholesterol,
    • High Blood Pressure
    • High Blood Sugar
  • The vices:
    • Smoking
    • Being Overweight
    • Being Physically Inactive 


Start working today and you can prevent these risk factors from creeping into your lives.  

Wear Red Day!

red dress 

Friday, February 3rd is National Wear Red Day!


Show your support of women's heart health and wear red this day! Tell everyone you know why you are wearing red, and help promote heart health! Share Carol's story or share your own story.  


Just be sure you tell everyone you know, especially women, to take care of their hearts now!!! 

Exercise & Menus   spine
EXERCISE:  Posture

Posture - yes, we are re-visiting the posture! Most of us forget that good posture is super important. It engages the abs and helps protect the back. When the weather gets cold, we tend to slouch, and our posture goes out the window. Engage those abs; get them working without even breaking a sweat and STAND UP STRAIGHT!!!!

yogurtMENU:  Homemade Vanilla Yogurt with Granola

We all want a snack that is nutritious, delicious, and not so bad for us. This homemade granola is better than any store brand! Eat snacks that help you feel fuller-like this one, so you don't keep picking.
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Carol's Cooking Night  

Join us for another amazing evening of fun, great food, and healthy cooking tips.
Our next Carol's cooking night is Thursday, February 23rd at Carlow's Cookery in Doylestown. Pay now to reserve your seat! (If the PayPal link is not yet on our website, please check back with us - we are working diligently to get that done, but didn't want to delay the newsletter.)

Seating is limited so seats are on a first come-first served basis.

The evening goes from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and costs $30. ($15 of each $45 regular ticket price is subsidized by CAROL For Heart as part of our ongoing mission to provide heart healthy education to the community.)

For more information email Debbie

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