August 2, 2011 

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The goal is to complete, not compete.  


That is the motto of our upcoming 5K Fun Run/Walk in September.


Carol's Annual Run Of Love is Sunday, September 18, 2011 at the Warminster Community Park in Bucks County.


We hope that Debbie's

5K Run

inspirational journey (below) will encourage you to join us this year. This is not a race. It's a fun run and it's a healthy walk! We have designed our event so that if you want to be timed to challenge yourself, we will time you. If you are just happy to be able to finish the three mile jog, we are happy too. And if you are willing to walk the one mile loop, we are thrilled you are here!


Please join us, especially to cheer Debbie when she crosses that finish line!

Debbie's Personal Challenge for this year's 5K 


I lace up my new hot pink running shoes and clip on my tiny ipod full of music and walk out the door to endure another 5 minute drive to the park as my inner monologue says "Tell me again why you are doing this because you know everyone's going to be looking at you; you don't look anything like someone who can run......"  30 minutes later I get in the car and say back to myself "So what if I look like Woody in Toy Story when I run, I did it, I am Woman, hear me Roar!!!"
deb's shoes
Rewind to three weeks ago when my son's fiancée and I decided to embark on a 10 week journey of training to run our first 5K distance event - Carol's Run of Love - September 18th  at Warminster Park. Both of us are new to running but our ages and our reasons couldn't be more different. At 24 and a year from her nuptials to my son, Ashley is looking for that perfect wedding dress shape and also wants to take up running in honor of her stepdad, an avid runner, who recently passed away. At 46, after realizing I qualified for the mid-life crisis checkout line at the supermarket, (you know, the one that says "If your cart contains only hair dying products, age defying products, and ice cream") I decided to take my own Carol For Heart advice and commit to a real step towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Click here to read the rest of Debbie's Blog, and mark Sunday, September 18th on your calendar today. You can register today.  


We want to hear from you; let us know what your goal is and how it's going. Humor is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Laughing is music we should all hear every day so send us your funnies too PLEASE!

The only reason I would consider running is to hear heavy breathing again!!  -Erma Bombeck


Exercise & Menusshoulder
This month's Exercise and Menus

EXERCISE: Shoulder Circles and Shoulder Rolls

These are great exercises for your shoulders that you can even do sitting at your desk if you have to. Keep moving, find a few minutes in your day to add in some extra motion, you will be glad you did!!

MENU: Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken with Pineapple Salsa

This is the perfect grilling weather, No one wants to cook inside in the summer. Enjoy this delicious, simple and quick dinner tonight.

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Free Heart Programs

Will you host a free program?

We want to help your group prevent heart disease! Let's do something about it. Have CAROL For Heart come to your location and educate your group about heart disease. It really is free! And I promise you it won't be boring!!!

All of our fundraisers and sponsors throughout the year cover the costs for our heart programs. Do you have a group we can come and talk to? Do you belong to a book club, work group, school/sport parents association?  Do you have a group of friends (think wine and party), or at work can we present a corporate lunch-n-learn seminar? Contact us for more information.

All of our fundraisers and sponsors throughout the year cover the costs for our heart programs.
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