April 22, 2011 

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Are we spying on you?

We are always looking for feedback about anything we do. We really appreciate your comments and opinions. I received anPeek email recently requesting me to remove Jane (names changed for the guilty parties) from our email list because surely we were spying on our readers! We must have been peeking through her window, otherwise how would we have known to write about shrinking our clothes? We must have seen her try on the outfit that she bought a few months prior, wore it one month later--although it was a bit snug, and then when she tried it on last week, it didn't fit anymore! How else would we have known?
Well Jane, we are regular folks, who like to eat, and often struggle with getting our own physical activity in each day. We have had our own clothes get too tight, and we feel your frustration. (Even while writing this I have to keep reminding myself to sit up and suck in my gut!) Thanks for not really wanting to be removed from our email list, but most of all thanks for sharing your story! We know that these five minutes of quick exercises will help you to get yourself up and moving again. Just remember the 3 rules we started in January:

Rule #1:  No more dieting! Make one change, stick to it for 7 days, and next week pick another one! These become habits.


Rule #2:  Less Bad: Choose the food or drink that is less bad. Read the labels! Try our two new recipes; they aren't bad--they're GREAT!!!!!


Rule#3: More today than yesterday: More physical activity than yesterday. In January you sucked in your gut and sat up straight! In February you squatted and strengthen your core (that helps us reduce falls too...), March we tiptoed for our calf (nice legs for summer). Now add on this new one...The Standing Knee Lift

You'll be back in that outfit in no time!

Can you spare 5 minutes? 


clockWas your first reaction to answer no? (Hold on, don't forget to suck in your abs and sit up straight.  Great -
- you just did two exercises.) Okay, now back to the point. A lot of people are so busy these days they feel they can't spare 5 minutes. I even timed it: exercises #1 through #5 take 5 minutes to accomplish. That's one minute per exercise. So why aren't you exercising? Just 5 minutes....
How can I only ask you for five minutes if the recommendation of daily physical activity is 30 minutes? Because... I want you to get started and keep going. Once you are comfortable with five and realize how much better you're feeling about yourself, you will add on a minute or two as you progress... and before you know it--WOW. You're really moving! This month add on the Standing Knee Lift. It's so simple, like marching in place, only slower. Another great one for that core strength.
Spring is finally on its way. We have hibernated enough this winter. Our bodies held onto those pounds for dear life, forgetting we really aren't bears that have to pack it on to survive. Let's break out of our caves together and get moving! There are so many ways to get more than just your 5 minutes of physical activity this month. Remember the more intense the physical activity the more calories you will burn. Here are a few examples of ways to burn more calories when you are outside (these calories are estimates and vary by your age, height and weight):
  • 30 minutes of general gardening/weeding/raking = 100 calories burned
  • 30 minutes of a leisurely bike ride = 150 calories burned
  • 15 minutes of sweeping the floor = 22 calories burned
  • 60 minutes of Golfers carrying clubs and walking = 272 calories burned
  • 15 minutes of light jogging = 90 calories burned
  • 30 minutes of light to moderate walking = 76 calories burned (Join our walking group every Saturday morning!)
These minutes add up to a healthier you. We know you are worth it! That is why, in addition to our recipes and exercises on the website, CAROL For Heart offers a variety of programs to help you get moving. Find something that you enjoy and get out and do it. Girls With Gears, A Women's Cycling event occurs each Spring. Get back on your bike and enjoy a nice bike ride.  Carol's Annual Run Of Love, walk/run/jog event is September 18th. Come out and walk with us. Carol's Cooking nights offer a new way to cook good food while making it healthier for you. Tell us what else you would like to see us offer!
Upcoming Eventwalk,run

Carol's 8th Annual Run Of Love:


The date is set for Sunday, September 18 at the Warminster Community Park. Mark your calendars now. Don't miss out! This is the event that started it all. We need you there, come out and walk a mile, walk, jog or run a 5K (approx 3 miles).
Girls with Gears - A Women's Cycling EventGWG logo 

Thank you to all who supported this year's event on April 17, 2011. It was a brisk and windy morning of fun that raised awareness of women's heart health.


Exercise & Menus
This month's Exercise and Menus

EXERCISE: Standing Knee Lift: Like a slow march. Raise one leg at a time, no need to rush through this.

MENU: Grilled Halibut and a Savory Corn Pudding for dessert. Both are delicious.

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Free Heart Programs

Will you host a free program?

We want to help your group prevent heart disease! Let's do something about it. Have CAROL For Heart come to your location and educate your group about heart disease. It really is free! And I promise you it won't be boring!!!

All of our fundraisers and sponsors throughout the year cover the costs for our heart programs. Do you have a group we can come and talk to? Do you belong to a book club, work group, school/sport parents association?  Do you have a group of friends (think wine and party), or at work can we present a corporate lunch-n-learn seminar? Contact us for more information.

All of our fundraisers and sponsors throughout the year cover the costs for our heart programs.
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