February 3, 2011 

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It's February and it's Heart Month   red hearts

What changes will you make this month to be a little healthier? Will you wear red this week? Will you share Carol's story or one of your own to let everyone know to pay attention to this disease? 1 in 4 women die in this country because we don't believe it will happen to us!!!!! Heart disease kills more people a year than the top 7 cancers combined! (Remember there are 2 things that will help us prevent both heart disease and cancer...eating healthier and increasing our physical activity.... Yup, read on!)

Maybe you will forward this newsletter and let your friends and families know you care and want them to be healthier too. Remember, making small changes really will make a difference. One change a week is not a lot! You can do it, you really can!

Remember the 3 rules from last month's newsletter?

Rule #1: No more dieting! Make one change, stick to it for 7 days.

Rule #2: Less Bad: Choose the food or drink that is less bad.

Rule #3: More today than yesterday--more physical activity.

In January you sucked in your gut and sat up straight! Now add on to that (keep doing those)! Don't skip reading this part because you don't like how it sounds!  Keep reading...   


Can you sit down? Of course you can. This month do the basic squat.  If you can sit down and stand back up, you can do the basic squat! That's all it is...sit down,whoa...not really, just get really close, and then get back up again! How many times do you sit down a day? Go ahead, count it today...even if you only did this squat once every time you sit down, imagine how many squats you can do in a day without even trying!!!!! You can do it... go ahead....start right now, you're probably sitting down while reading this...!!!!!  


In each newsletter we will bring you a new physical activity and some new recipes to keep you moving in the right direction.  Click on the links, read them, give them a try. Give us your feedback and let me know how you feel about increasing your level of activity, or how you liked the new recipe.

Upcoming Event

Girls With Gears, A Women's Cycling Event:Jerxey

Please join us on April 17, 2011 for the 6th Annual Girls with Gears cycling event presented by Bikesport. Everyone is welcome! Join us for a morning of fun while we raise awareness of women's heart health. Lunch is included. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Helmets are required! This amazing event takes place at Limerick Community Park in Limerick, PA. Space is limited so be sure to register early!

red dressNational Wear Red Day!

February 4, 2011.

The American Heart Association and their Go Red For Women Campaign are again celebrating the National Wear Red Day this week.

Wear red on Friday and let everyone know you too are preventing heart disease. Share a heart disease story, share Carol's story or share one of your own, just be sure to make everyone aware that this disease is real! Let's do something about it!

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Exercise & Menussalad
This month's Exercise and Menus

EXERCISE: The squat exercise is the "Cadillac" of lower-body exercises. It's easy to do and
involves the large muscle groups of the lower body.

MENU: Mixed Greens with walnut, feta and pomegranate vinaigrette and chocolate mousse!!!!

The salad is delicious and easy and you won't feel guilty about having this chocolate mousse for dessert!

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Free Heart Programs

Will you host a free program?

We want to help your group prevent heart disease! Let's do something about it. Have CAROL For Heart come to your location and educate your group about heart disease. It really is free! And I promise you it won't be boring!!!

All of our fundraisers and sponsors throughout the year cover the costs for our heart programs. Do you have a group we can come and talk to? Do you belong to a book club, work group, school/sport parents association?  Do you have a group of friends (think wine and party), or at work can we present a corporate lunch-n-learn seminar? Contact us for more information.
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February is a whole month dedicated to chocolate.  


What isn't there to love about it?

Remember these quick facts about chocolate:

    Dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate.
     (Only about a quarter size piece though)
    Eating too much dark chocolate takes away the fact that it
     was good for you!
    Substitute 3T of cocoa for every ounce of baking chocolate in
     recipes. If you need to replace the fat in chocolate, add up to
     1T of vegetable oil.
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