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February 2010 
Editors: Robert & Linda Carr 
This Week's Special Events


Friday, Feb. 19: GNTV Interview with 3ABN President

Luke & Susan Skelton were invited to the 3ABN headquarters in Southern Illinois to 3ABN Today Interviewgive their personal testimony of how they became involved in lay-ministry and to share what God is doing through Good News TV. Their interview with 3ABN President Jim Gilley will be broadcast on GNTV and 3ABN this Friday, February 19, 7:00AM, 2:00PM and 8:00PM on Channel 44.3 or online.


Feb. 19-21: Operation "Burning Heart" and GNTVGiving Light To Our World
President Tony Anobile has challenged Arizona churches to visit every door in AZ with the love of Jesus (Operation Burning Heart). Training to accomplish this will be held at the GLOW Rally (Giving Light To Our World) February 19-21 and we encourage each church member to attend.  In last month's newsletter, GNTV asked you to help us purchase more promo postcards that our members can take to the doors of a lost and dying world. Praise God, a generous supporter has answered this call with a sacrificial donation!  After hours of time in redesign, the attractive postcards will be ready for this event at Camp Yavapines.  Tony will kick off the training, inspiring testimonies about GLOW literature will be shared, and the Skeltons will unveil the new GNTV postcards to share at every door in Phoenix. Register at

Praying in the Sabbath Co-Host Schedule


Our Pastors in PrayerAZ Conference pastors host a live call-in program on GNTV each Friday evening, 8:00-9:00pm. We encourage you to tune in to watch this unique program and also to call in during the program or email us with your prayer requests anytime, at [email protected].



These local pastors will be co-hosting, with anchor host, Pastor Jay Warren (T-bird Church), the program for the next several weeks:

Feb. 12 & 19: Ralph Robertson (Peoria/Sun City Church)

Feb. 26 & Mar. 5: Ray Navarro (Tempe Church) & Myckal Morehouse (PV Church)

Mar. 12 & 19: Abel Santiago (Gilbert & Payson Churches)

Mar. 26 & Apr. 2: Terry Darnall (Mesa Palms Church)

Apr. 9 & 16: Ben George (Litchfield Church)

Watch Us Live...  GNTV "Radio" and TV - Now Anywhere in the World!

Now you can WATCH or LISTEN to GNTV anywhere in the world! Whether you have high-speed GNTV Web Streaminginternet (up to 1Mbps), slow dialup modem speed (54Kbps), or anything in between, you can tune in 24 hours a day!  That's right, no more connection troubles, no more frustrations of video buffering. Simply logon to our website at, click on the "Watch Us Live..." image on the top right of the screen, and choose the speed option that is right for you.


Are you busy working on your computer and just want to listen to some good programming without using all of your bandwidth? Just select the 54Kbps option, and you can listen to high quality audio on GNTV, just like internet radio, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you have a friend or family member in another part of the world with whom you'd like to share GNTV?  Now it's easy. Simply "tune in" to us online, and share with your friends anywhere in the world.

Sharing With Your Neighbors
Start your own weekly in-home "GNTV Bible Study Group"!  It's easy. Log into and choose a Bible study series Bible Study Seminar Series(Discover Prophecy with David Asscherick or Millenium of Prophecy with Doug Batchelor).
We've been getting tremendous feedback from our viewers about these shows. Download the lessons and invite your friends over each week during the broadcast. Hand out the lesson and a pen, watch the broadcast together! Tell us if you host a GNTV Study Group so we can share some more pointers, answer questions, and start praying with and for you.
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  • ONLINE GIVING is now available. One-time or automatic monthly donations can be setup on the GNTV website. We are still far from reaching our goal of 1,000 members giving an average of $20 / month. Please consider a monthly contribution to help us cover our operating expenses every month.

  • The video image quality of our station has been dramatically improved, and will continue to improve over the next month! More on this in the next issue...
  • Go for the Challenge!


    A Sister Church Extends a Challenge

    Phoenix Central Adventist Church has put forth a challenge to fellow churches in Arizona. They have committed $10,000 in matching funds from their budget toward GNTV. The Phoenix Central Church pigwill match the contribution of any other church, up to a total of $10,000. One church has already accepted the challenge--Sun City/Peoria Adventist Church has donated $1,000.  With Central matching that amount, the Sun City/Peoria Church donation has resulted in raising $2,000 for GNTV. There is still $9,000 available for matching, so please talk to your church officials about this opportunity to double your investment.

    Faithful Viewers Help Fund Video Equipment

    A generous couple from Apache Junction started attending theGNTV Needs Equipment Mesa Palms Adventist Church a few months after watching GNTV. They have been so blessed by the programming that they recently signed a $10,000 check for GNTV to purchase its first production video camera with accessories! GTNV has been borrowing all of its production equipment so far, and the loan of this equipment will end in June. Without its own cameras, GNTV will not be able to continue local productions, which have enabled them to connect communities with their churches. As this supporter says, "You can't take your treasures with you to heaven, but you can send them on ahead!" That is exactly what they have decided to do, and they are challenging you to join them. They encourage you to consider a special donation to help Good News TV purchase their own production equipment to be able to continue local productions. Will you join them with your own special donation? Contact GNTV to learn how.

    Viewer Comments

    Javier called in several weeks ago, excited about Shawn Boonstra's "Unlocking the Signs" Seminar. He obtained the DVD series, translated them into Spanish, obtained permission from his pastor (Church of the Nazarene) and is sharing the information there every Wednesday night. He is teaching the 7th lesson already and has recently attended Sabbath services at Glendale Adventist Church for the first time!


    Don, from a Native American reservation, called with good feedback about our "Up Close" program and asked for the address of an Adventist church. He joined the mid-week bible study at the Camelback Church and plans to continue to attend.


    Email from a Viewer

    "I have caught this show twice now.  I love this guy!  He is awesome!  I learn so much in such a short period of time and I retain it because of his method of presentation.  What is funny is that I never heard of this station until we cancelled our cable tv.  We like to listen to honest pastors but found them few and far between on cable.  So, we saved money every month and saved our souls at the same time!  A two-fer.   Seriously, I am going to be watching your channel alot now that I know it exists.  And I want to know more about Pastor Asscherick too.  He's really, really good. Thanks, Pam."
    Volunteers Needed

    Antenna Installation Project 

    3ABN logo

    About 35 people attended our antenna installation workshop two weeks ago, most of whom need help getting GNTV or wanted to become a volunteer. John Baker and Doug Haydon are organizing volunteers to help people connect to our channel. But, we need your help as well. We have found that a team of 2-3 people installing together is sometimes most effective, so we need more volunteers from each church to help the dozens of people in our community who want to get our channel. If you would like to help GNTV with this antenna installation project, or if you need help for yourself or someone you know, then please call right away (480-264-1116).


    Tithe Envelope Stamping Project

    Envelope Stamping ProjectWe have been given permission to include "Good News TV" as a pre-printed option for offering on the AZ Conference tithe envelopes. The problem is that a 2 year supply of envelopes were already printed before GNTV existed. So, we now have rubber stamps and need your help! If you have a steady hand and a good aim, please contact GNTV to learn about how you can help with this stamping project

    Live Broadcast at Thunderbird Church

    Pastor Jay in front of the new church building.On February 6, GNTV broadcast a special Sabbath sermon by Lyle Albrecht, which concluded his prophecy seminar at the Thunderbird Church.


    Pastor Jay Warren, in an interview, gave viewers an update on the construction site of the beautiful, new church being built. A lovely baptism of 2 new members concluded the seminar.

    Recipe Corner:  Apple Oats Bake

    1 ½ cups chopped apple

    3 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

    5 cups unsweetened or plain soy milk

    1 tsp vanilla

    ¾ tsp salt3ABN logo

    ½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut

    ½ cup chopped walnuts

    1.      Preheat oven to 350˚.

    2.     Chop apples and spread on bottom of 9" x 12"
          baking dish.

    3.     Distribute oats evenly over apples.

    4.     Briefly blend soy milk, vanilla, and salt, and pour
          slowly over apples and oats.

    5.     Sprinkle coconut and walnuts on top.

    6.     Bake for about 25 minutes or until golden brown.


    Yield:  9" x 12" baking dish

    Analysis for one serving:  1/16th of a 9" x 12" baking dish:

    Calories:  149

    Fat (g): 6.3

    Carbohydrate (g):  18.4

    Protein (g):  5.9

    Dietary fiber (g):  3.4

    Sodium (mg):  156


    Net carb (g):  15

    Carb choice per serving:  1


    Source:  Used with permission from Lifestyle Center of America.


    GNTV Volunteer Staff

    Kent Sharpe, COO/AZ Conference Treasurer | [email protected]
    Luke Skelton, Station Manager | [email protected]
    Gabe Romero | [email protected]
    Susan Skelton, Programming Manager | [email protected]

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