September 2011

Community Visualizes Potential for 

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Group takes part in walking tour, visioning session for transit station


A broad cross section of representatives from throughout Longmont participated in a 1st & Main Station Stakeholder Committee meeting Aug. 30 in Longmont City Council chambers. More than 70 residents, business and property owners, elected officials, chambers of commerce reps, and representatives from the faith community and arts and culture communities participated. Among other participants in the walking tour of the project site and visioning discussion were nonprofit organizations, developers, real estate

Longmont Study Area Map
1st & Main study area

professionals, homeowner associations, and the education and medical communities.  


The 1st & Main Station project is a 10-month master plan and revitalization study near the old flourmill site close to 1st Avenue and Main Street. The study is examining short-term and long-range development potential for the site in addition to examining bus, car, pedestrian, bike, and future train connections to the site.


During the visioning discussion, attendees provided the study team their thoughts about Longmont's community values as well as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges associated with the project site.


When reflecting on the community's values and major themes, participants identified a number of ideas that make Longmont a unique and inviting community. Among the many suggestions from participants were the city's:

  • Environmental assets, trees and greenscapes
  • Community inclusiveness, family-friendly atmosphere and small town feel
  • Safe and secure nature
  • Strong local business community

A complete list of the values and themes identified by the Stakeholder Committee is available on the

Tim on Tour
Project consultant Tim Baldwin leads the walking tour of the site.

1st & Main project website.


The committee also discussed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOC) for the study area. Among the thoughts identified by the committee are:

  • Strengths - characteristics of the station area that can be a positive factor in any revitalization effort, including:
    • Downtown area's small-town feel and historic heritage
    • Multitude of sidewalks and pedestrian paths
    • Proximity to downtown, to major transportation corridors and to residential areas
    • The area is a "blank canvas"
    • The space is part of the city's urban renewal area
  • Weaknesses -characteristics of the study area that are less-than-desirable and that could hinder revitalization without proper mitigation or policy changes, including:
    • The area is currently uninviting and is dissimilar to downtown
    • No identifiable, qualitative sense of place
    • It lacks significant housing and the negative impact redevelopment will have on affordable housing in the area
    • Some current land uses/infrastructure are barriers to redevelopment 
    • Poor access for elderly/disabled
SWOC board
Participant takes part
in visioning session 
  • Challenges - larger issues facing the area as it attempts revitalization that can be overcome with proper planning and policy decisions, including:
    • Overcoming the perception the area is uninviting
    • Integrating the electrical substation into any redevelopment scheme
    • Developing bus/pedestrian circulation plans not affected by freight rail traffic
    • Developing the area without adversely impacting local residents and businesses and meeting the needs of all ethnic groups
    • Providing neighborhood-serving retail
    • Engaging younger citizens in the effort
  • Opportunities - larger issues that can ultimately be factors for successful revitalization, including
    • Opportunity to beautify the area and to create a destination
    • Integrating the existing utilities/infrastructure into any redevelopment scheme 
    • Community-driven design and development process
    • Potential for a major "gateway" entrance on Main Street and to integrate the historic silos into the design

A summary of the SWOC discussion and a complete list of the committee's input is available on the 1st and Main project website, www.ci.longmont.co.us/firstandmain. 


The 10-month 1st & Main Station Study will Identify:

  • Station area phasing and staging plan, with recommendations on timing of improvements;
  • Potential catalyst projects and interim uses to help jumpstart redevelopment and prepare the area for future redevelopment once commuter rail is in place;
  • Public/private programs and mechanisms to help implement parts of the plan, including zoning tools, development incentives, financing mechanisms, and business support programs;
  • A logical sequence of recommended improvements and an implementation timetable; and
  • An implementation strategy that considers projected City and regional resources, available tools, and the phasing of other projects.


Future 1st & Main Station meetings

Additional opportunities for citizen input will take place in the coming months. Advance notice will be provided through this project e-newsletter and on the city website at www.ci.longmont.co.us/firstandmain.


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