August 2011
City Poised to Transform Old Flour Mill Site into Vibrant Transportation Station
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Transit Station Plan: A Catalyst for Economic Development
Bike girl
The 1st & Main Station will support multi-modal transportation
Courtesy of SDG

The City of Longmont and the surrounding areas are on the brink of major advancements for our regional transit system. The City is moving forward in developing the master plan for the 1st & Main Station to include a future Regional Transportation District (RTD) commuter rail station at the site of the old flour mill near 1st Avenue and Main Street. Although the site will initially only serve as a centralized bus hub, ultimately, it will serve RTD rail and bus customers as the terminus for the FasTracks Northwest Corridor commuter rail line between Longmont and Denver.


Taking advantage of a $17 million initial payment by RTD, the City is moving ahead in developing a master plan for the site now in hopes of spurring economic development even before the FasTracks trains start rolling. "Once the details for the site are in place, we can start to discuss opportunities with developers who may want to get in the door early," said Phil Greenwald, City Transportation Planner. "This next phase of the project is designed to ensure orderly future development of both the station and the area surrounding it by outlining a path forward for the public and private sectors," said Greenwald. "It will ensure that development does not get ahead of the market and that it responds to changing market conditions. It also enables the City to begin realistically planning a construction and implementation schedule and identify future revenues that can fund development and support infrastructure."


The transit/land use planning firm of Steer Davies Gleave (SDG) has been contracted by the City to conduct the 10-month study and draft the master plan. The project team will engage the public and stakeholders in the coming months for input into various design options. Longmont citizens and businesses will be asked to participate by providing input on what they want to see at the site, what kinds of development (retail, residential, business, etc.) the City should pursue, how parking should be arranged and what the station platform should look like.


Flour Mill
The old flour mill; site of the 1st & Main Station 

The 1st & Main Station Plan will also improve local and regional sustainability by focusing development around future investments made at will eventually be a transportation hub. the  Longmont residents can begin reducing vehicle miles traveled and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions by riding transit, bicycling and walking. Citizens will also be asked to visualize what kinds of multi-modal connections should be included for bicycling, walking, and other forms of transportation that contribute to a more "walkable" community.


"This next phase of the project will demonstrate to the region the benefits of good planning," said Tim Baldwin, SDG project manager. "Longmont can be a leader in planning for the future and helping quantify the economic, social, and environmental benefits of a comprehensive and well-thought-out station area plan. The plan can lead to a regional multi-modal transportation hub that is a true signature or landmark project for the City of Longmont."


The 10-month 1st & Main Station Study will Identify:

  • Station area phasing and staging plan, with recommendations on timing of improvements;
  • Potential catalyst projects and interim uses to help jumpstart redevelopment and prepare the area for future redevelopment once commuter rail is in place;
  • Public/private programs and mechanisms to help implement parts of the plan, including zoning tools, development incentives, financing mechanisms, and business support programs;
  • A logical sequence of recommended improvements and an implementation timetable; and
  • An implementation strategy that considers projected City and regional resources, available tools, and the phasing of other projects.


"By tapping into an advance on FasTracks funds, this phase of the project provides Longmont a means to promote early development of multi-modal transportation options in advance of bus improvements and future commuter rail service."


Phil Greenwald, City Transportation Planner and  

1st & Main Station Project Manager


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