The Three Dumas

The Three Dumas 
Tropical Storm Isaac could not rain on our parade. The DocMiami special screening of The Three Dumas went on as planned even when South Florida was busy making Hurricane preparations. Many thanks to the wonderful audience who shared the exciting evening with us. Produced and directed by Esther ANDERSON & Gian GODOY exploring the life and career of Alexandre Dumas. The grandson of a slave, he overcame all the obstacles of prejudice to create the first modern superhero.

SYNOPSIS (THE THREE DUMAS) WRITTEN BY JOHN HOWE.For all his talent, energy and literary success, the French author Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870) is as much an interesting figure as his father General Dumas, also called Alexandre (1762-1806). The writer's major role in forming the Romantic movement is today somewhat overshadowed by his prolific output of adventure novels including the Three Musketeers saga, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Man in the Iron Mask.
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Co Host: Monica Rosales of http://docmiami.orgMy Paths Through Dance

Special Guest: Daniel Cabrero script writer, film director and producer at DANSEUSE FILMS. 2011 DocMiami Official Selection

My Paths Through Dance

is a coming-of-age, rags to artistic riches story which follows Emma's journey to become the unique Spanish dancer Mariemma, and later the creator of the "Mariemma - Ballet de España", the greatest Spanish Ballet ever. Mariemma's paths through dance helped launching the careers of internationally renowned artists such as  Antonio Canales, Enrique Morente, Elvira Andrés, Elio Berhanyer, Aída Gómez, Joaquín Cortés and Lola Greco amongst many others. All of her protégées appear in the film recounting their experiences alongside Mariemma and describe her invaluable contributions to dance, Spanish culture and history.



Co Host: Monica Rosales of http://docmiami.orgRobots  

Unfortunately the show on August 21st experienced technical difficulties but our guest will be back due to popular demand! Special Guest: DocMiami Community Partner Richard Newman is well known and respected in the science field who is credited, in part, with having the Largest Robot Collection in the World, opening 22 Science & Technology Centers at schools, scout camps, science museums and study centers across the country, judging various science fairs and served on the Board of Directors of a large Science Museum in Florida. He has received numerous awards and honors from such established and respected organizations as NASA and the American Institute of the City of New York. He co-hosted a nationally broadcast science show called "Earth Lab" and has been featured in over 200 newspapers, magazines, movies and television programs around the world for his accomplishments as well as the exhibiting of his collections of international space items, robots and electric vehicles.

Congratulations Audience Winner Arwaldo Leonard 
DocMiami celebrated the "Art of Reading" at the Historic California Club 6 Theater, during the special screening of the Three Dumas. Audience member Arwaldo Leonard won his very own copy of Alexandre Dumas' book, "The Count of Monetcristo", presented to him here by DocMiami Events Coordinator Krystal Oliva. 




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