DocMiami International Film Festival
"Everything you dream is real." November 2009


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Tito Puente, Jr.
Docmiami 2010 Host and
Board Member!
Over the past two years, Tito Jr. has found captive audiences who echo his passion. Crowds once lured to a venue by the father's magic have returned to enjoy the son -- participating once again in the high voltage celebration that takes place on stage.

Latest Press
At the beautiful City of Doral - For all the right reasons!
 The City of Doral has embraced this film festival as an important /signature cultural event. DocMiami International Film Festival will bring the world of documentary filmmaking to the beautiful City of Doral as filmmakers from all over the nation and around the world make their way to Doral for the duration of the three day event. DocMiami is committed to making the DocMiami International Film Festival the largest such event at a local, national and international level.

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Our organization is dedicated to promoting the best that documentary film making has to offer worldwide. We seek to offer new forms of expression whereby thematic and cultural diversity shine as a distinct emblem, contributing to the evolution of the cultural arts within South Florida and within the entertainment industry as a whole. 
In addition we:
  • Provide a documentary film festival to promote the art form of up and coming documentary filmmakers at a local, national and international level.
  • Host a film expo highlighting global film organizations and professionals.
  • Provide educational outreach programs for young filmmakers grades 6-12.
  • Host three benefit concerts to raise funds in order to build   much needed schools in Tanzania!
Doral Golf

This year our event will take place at the beautiful Doral Golf Resort and Spa
May 28-30th, 2010.
"From The City of Doral to Tanzania!"
The DocMiami team is hosting three benefit concerts in order youngrosesto raise money to build much needed schools in Tanzania. Funds raised during our three evening concerts will benefit the Brick by Brick Tanzania, Inc.non-profit organization. Artists such as The Susan Cowsill Band, A J Croce, and folksinger Ellis have already contributed their talents for the benefit of children in Africa.

Thank you for your support. This year's event promises to bring the world of documentary filmmaking to the City of Doral. Be an official exhibitor, sponsor, or participate in our documentary film festival and our benefit concerts for Tanzania!


The DocMiami International Film Festival Team