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Creative Discipline: Creative Techniques for Disciplining Young Children
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Creative Discipline - Creative Techniques for Disciplining Young
Author: Elaine Richey

Raising children is a challenging adventure for all parents.
Trying to discipline a toddler can be a frustrating experience.
These adorable tiny people are so excited to learn and grow that they seem to be all over the place and into anything and
everything. During these exciting and growing years with your
young child, creative discipline techniques can be very helpful.
At times, it may feel easier to just give in to them and let
them do whatever they want, but you are really not helping them
to learn how to behave. Being creative in your discipline
approach will be more enjoyable for both you and your young

It is quite common for young children to be unruly and out of
control at home and out in public. Try to take notes to remember
what is going on around your child when they start acting out of
control. Young children tend to be disruptive when they are
hungry or tired. If you can figure out what is causing them to
misbehave it is much easier to correct. It can be as easy as
feeding them or putting them down for a nap. A creative
discipline approach is to always carry healthy snacks with you
and be prepared to leave an outing early if you child is tired.

If your young child is not hungry or tired, and is hitting you
or other children or throwing a tantrum, before overreacting
yourself, take a deep breath and think about what you can do to
distract your child and refocus him or her on a more positive
behavior. Try to involve your child in helping you to clean a
room or put things away. If you are out in public, you can ask
your child to help you with your shopping. This creative
discipline technique will not only redirect them from their
unruly behavior, but it will help to build their self esteem at
the same time.

Creative discipline techniques are easier to use at home than
when shopping or at other public places. When you are home,
there are many creative options available to you. Just look
around the house. You can redirect your young child's behavior
by asking them to help you fold the laundry, clean up their
toys, or dust the furniture. And, remember your goal is to
redirect their behavior by doing something positive. Don't worry
about how they are doing job. You will probably have to re-fold
the laundry, and that is okay. If you are at a grocery store,
you can redirect your child by asking them to help you find
items in the store. When you take the time to observe your
child's behavior patterns and responses, it will become much
easier for you to use effective creative discipline techniques
with your children.

About the author:
Learn how to discipline your children effectively without
yelling or spanking. Visit Discipline For Children for a step-by-step system to help put the peace and order back in your family.

(c) Copyright - Elaine Richey. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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