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                                                                           June 2011
Dear Neighbor,
     We're very pleased to bring news about the Business Watch Program, designed to work collectively with police, businesses and organizations to reduce the opportunity for crime and make the business community more secure and safe.  With our vital Community Watch groups and Park Watch Program, Business Watch is one more example of how our city and its citizens are working together to take a stand against crime.  Lt. Chandler Powell will share in his letter, the goals of this important program and how businesses can get involved.
     Under Safety Tips are two links to important information for you to read and share.
    The New Bern National Night Out Committee has been working hard planning this important event and your help is still needed. It's a fun way to meet new people and do something good for your community. See information below about What National Night Out Is and How You Can Participate.
      Show your support for Community Watch by proudly displaying a decal in your window. See information below on how to get a special Community Watch decal that will benefit you, police/community programs and New Bern National Night Out.

     Continuing our goal to provide educational forums, on March 23 a workshop for Mobile Home Park Owners/Managers was held. Under Events, read about the highlights of this informative workshop.

     Having an effective community watch program is about education - how can you prevent crime; what are the latest trends in crime; how can you bring people together in your neighborhood. We want to help educate you, share ideas and answer your questions. Email me with your suggestions for future workshops.
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Danielle Glynn
Citywide Community Watch Coordinator

Message from Lt. Chandler Powell


"Community Members,

     First, I would like to express my gratitude and pleasure to serve as liaison officer of the New Bern Police Business Watch Program. It is truly an honor to serve with outstanding men and women who make up the Business Watch Program. The mission of your New Bern Police Department is to provide outstanding services with respect, integrity and fairness while promoting a safe environment. Each day the men and women of our agency strive to accomplish that mission. The importance of a partnership between New Bern Police and the community it serves cannot be overstated. It is through this partnership that the high quality of life and low-crime rate can be preserved for those who live and work in New Bern, as well as those who visit our beautiful city.

     New Bern police officers cannot be on every corner where crime occurs. The Business Watch Program is designed to partner with the business community to decrease crime in business areas throughout the city.  At the present time Business Watch members are recruiting business owners within our city to become an active participant in monthly meetings and to partner with our agency. Business Watch meets every second Tuesday of the month.  

     As a nationally-accredited law enforcement agency, we undertake many programs to be responsive to community needs and promote mutual trust. Some of these include Citizens Police Academy, the National Night Out event, Community Watch, Park Watch and the Business Watch programs. If you have any questions regarding Business Watch or have an interest in becoming part of this program, please call (252) 626-1767 for more information." 


Lieutenant Chandler Powell

Special Investigation Section, NBPD

Office: (252) 672-4128

Cell: (252) 626-1767




Safety Tips ... share this important information.


Print this form for information on how to Recognize Suspicious Activity and how to report it. The list includes vehicles that are considered suspicious, types of suspicious activity and  significance; how to identify suspicious persons and situations; when you should call 911, when to call the non-emergency number (252-633-2020) and what to say when you call.


Share this information with you neighbors, family and friends. Remember that you can make a report anonymously!


Learning How to Identify a Subject is one of the most important things you can do to assist the dispatcher and police when they are responding to a call. When reporting an emergency or non-emergency, give as much detail as possible. Subjects race, sex, age, hair, height, weight. Were they wearing a hat, coat, color of shirt, pants, shoes? Did the person have scars, tattoos or noticeable marks. Vehicle license, make and color? Time of day. Any part of this information is important to report.  


Print this form and keep by your phone to help gather as much information as possible about something or someone you see that may appear suspicious.  


Events ...

You are invited to

New Bern National Night Out - Tuesday, August 2, Union Point Park

A Great Night Out! 


NATW (National Association of Town Watch) a nonprofit crime prevention organization, works in cooperation with thousands of crime watch groups and law enforcement agencies throughout the country. National Night Out (NNO), 'America's Night Out Against Crime', was introduced by the Association in 1984.  While the traditional 'lights on' and front porch vigils remain a part of NNO, activities have expanded considerably over the years to include block parties, cookouts, parades, visits from police, festivals, neighborhood walks, safety fairs, contests, rallies and meetings.  Held the first Tuesday in August nationwide, this event provides a way for people to come together and learn ways to get involved in protecting your community through education in anti-crime programs, strengthening partnerships with law enforcement, promoting health and safety and community watch programs.


How to participate...

A community agency interested in becoming an exhibitor at the event, can provide information about your agency, volunteer/mentor/client applications, event demonstrations and displays. Contact Jenna Chair, Chair, for an information package to sign up.

If you are part of a community watch group, we want you to have a table at the event showcasing your neighborhood. Share with others how neighbors look out for neighbors, what you do to prevent crime, promote community spirit and why community watch works for you. Come to meetings and help us coordinate the many activities that will be going on that evening.

Everyone else ... come to National Night Out on August 2 for an evening of fun, education and entertainment for the whole family.

For more information email Jenna Leissner, Chair  Sandi Wheeler, Co-Chair or call Lt. Ronnie Lovick (252) 672-4241.

NNO Committee planning meetings:
Time6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Dates: Every Thursday in June (2,9,16,23) and July (7, 14,21,28)
Location: NBPD substation, New Bern Mall (inside entrance next to Belks).


For the third year in a row New Bern has been selected as a National Award Winner by the National Association of Town Watch for it's outstanding participation in the annual "National Night Out" crime, drug and violence prevention program. Come and be a part of our success.

Previous Event

Mobile Home Park Owner/Managers Workshop - March 23, 2011

Sponsored by New Bern Police Department and Citywide Community Watch


Eric Smith, (retired) SBI Special Agent in Charge, presented information on how to identify gang markings, drugs & drug paraphernalia and ways to prevent crime. Sandra Hawkins, Section 8 Public Housing Agency/Twin Rivers Opportunities Inc., presented information on how Section 8 housing can assist Mobile Home Park Owners/Managers and the Weatherization Assistance Program; making homes safe and energy efficient for low-income households. Danielle Glynn spoke of the importance of Community Watch. Open discussion with NBPD.

  Eric Smith

Pictured top: Eric Smith; Bottom left: Lt.Ronnie Lovick, Lt.Ryland Matthews, Officer Jonathan Sanderlin; Right: Sandra Hawkins    Sandra Hawkins







Support Community Watch .... decals now available


Community Watch is a partnership between law enforcement and citizens to reduce crime and illegal activity. Criminals avoid neighborhoods where they are likely to get caught. Displaying this auto/home window decal shows your awareness and support of Community Watch.

                                                                         CW Logo Final

This special designed logo for New Bern features the bear that identifies Watch Programs with NBPD. The police dept is "proud to wear the bear" and in our partnership with them we are "proud to support the bear" .                                                                        


Decal : 4.25" x 3" static cling inside window.

$4.50  - Check or money order payable to NBPDCVI (New Bern Police Dept.Citizen Volunteers Inc.).

Proceeds support police/community programs and New Bern National Night Out.                                    


To order contact Danielle Glynn, email dglynn61@yahoo.comor pick one up at NBPD substation, New Bern Mall.


Bring this information to your next community watch meeting and combine an order with neighbors to show support. 


Information on how to start or join a Community Watch group and how to report an incident, is provided with each decal. Click here for listing of neighborhood watch groups in your area.


New Bern Parks & Recreation's "Park Watch" program is also identified with this special bear logo. Park Watch posters and brochures are available in all city parks. Click here for more information on the Park Watch program.

"Business Watch" will soon be identified with this special bear logo.                                      



Archived Newsletters ... 
To view past issues of Neighborhood Watch News click here.


Mission of the Citywide Community Watch Program ..
A pro-active law enforcement/community partnership that brings together all community watch groups, law enforcement, local officials, businesses and citizens for the purpose of crime prevention awareness. Provide an educational networking forum to address crime prevention concerns, learn problem solving techniques, strengthen police/community partnerships and encourage the establishment of new Neighborhood Watch groups that will restore pride and unity to neighborhoods and the community at large.
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