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Disruptions Mar YLI's Board Meeting
YLI LogoYellow Line Institute's first Board of Director's meeting was met with jarring protests by Boulder County Bike Messengers and other human powered bicycle enthusiasts. 
The pedaling protestors demanded an end to all motorized vehicles on the streets of Boulder County. But their sites are set much higher.  I spoke with a neighboring Jefferson County Commissioner who has asked to remain anonymous.  He said he has been receiving magazine cut out messages slipped under his office door from the raging group of bikers.  The Commissioner is worried they will follow through on vicious threats to let the air out of his tires every time he parks his automobile.  He said the teams of bikers use armies of drugged up, well trained minors to do their dirty work - just like in Sierra Leone.  He was visibly shaken. 
Early on during the protests, Yellow Line tried to form an alliance with the bikers.  We tried to explain that we share their values of reducing pollution, reversing climate change, encouraging bike use and physical activity, AND promoting a range of clean transportation choices including electric vehicle conversions.  This plea was met with clipless bike shoes being thrown directly at the heads of several board members.  OUCH!
The bikers refused to hear us out.  Instead, they took off down the street with their backs to us.  We jumped into our array of electric vehicles and the chase was on.  I yelled out the window, "Please stop.  Let's talk.  I won't insist on preconditions.  Let's just talk."  Those tireless bikers kept going and one by one, our electric vehicles ran out of charge.  A pile of useless battery drained EVs cluttered the streets, disrupting traffic, as the bikers popped sharkies and power gels and kept on going.  We scrambled to find long extension cords and outlets, but it was too late.
PHEW!  What a day.  We lost that battle, but are confident YLI will win the war.  For now, show your support for the Electric Car Revolution by opening your car door real fast every time you see a biker coming down your lane.  Viva la Auto!  Viva la Revolucion!
Welcome Rick Wagoner to The YLI Team!
YLI basic road oic
Who would have thought, mere months after founding the Yellow Line Institute, I would be able to turn the reins over to a consummate industry professional, the man who ACTUALLY KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR, introducing the man we like to call "The Yellow Line Wrangler," Mr. Rick Wagoner.  < < Applause > >
Rick Wagoner has recently been "forced" to step down from his position as CEO of General Motors by none other than the President of the United States himself! 
You can't BUY that kind of publicity!! 
Finding himself with a lot of time on his hands, and a cushy $20 million dollar retirement package, Rick has agreed to use his executively-forced time off to work for Yellow Line! And we are THRILLED to have him. 
As you know, part of Yellow Line's Mission is to mentor aspiring green professionals.  Well, Mr. Wagoner has publicly said that killing the electric car was the worst mistake of his career (if only because it was bad PR for GM).  After several very intense interviews, we believe that Mr. Wagoner truly wants to be a green professional and his 20 years at GM give him incredible insider knowledge into the car industry that will help launch Yellow Line's overland assault of the gas auto industry.  Aspiring to be green, insider knowledge, rich as hell, and lots of connections - he's perfect.
We know that some strong Yellow Line supporters will be angry that we have brought Rick on board, but hear us out.  Here at YLI, we believe in second chances.  I mean, wasn't Arianna Huffington once a republican?   Hasn't Donald Trump has gone bankrupt several times?  Wasn't Jon Stewart in some terrible movies?  Rick, like everyone else, has learned form his mistakes and is ready to move on. 
There are naysayers on BOTH sides of course.  In fact, there are already rumblings inside the auto industry that Wagoner orchestrated the collapse of the gas guzzling auto manufacturers BECAUSE HE WAS ALREADY WORKING WITH YELLOW LINE  as early as October 2007. 
Why else would he have caused GM stocks to drop by 87% if not to make electric vehicle conversions more attractive?  Why else would he have closed 5 assembly plants and eliminated 47,000 jobs if not to make way for YLI's subsequent purchase of those plants and transformation of them into low cost lithium ion battery producing factories for electric car conversions?  Why else would he have killed the EV-1 if he was not already in the back pocket of YLI? 
Oops.  Have I said too much?    In any case, please join me in warmly welcoming the Yellow Line Wrangler.  He's had a tough year, so be nice. 
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Apr. 1 09 YLI Friends Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 2