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Looking East. The art world is currently enthralled with contemporary Chinese art for its cultural iconography and strong political content. This month we are focusing on the works of Arthur Huang and Alex Guofeng Cao, two Chinese artists who depict popular culture icons to challenge the viewer's stereotypes, and American stereotypes in general. Questions are raised regarding what is meant by "Chinese" art or "American" art, defying the categorization of art into such focused genres and reexamining the factors that shape the development of "Chinese" art in America.  

    Alex Guofeng Cao

Marilyn Monroe vs. Mona Lisa (top)

Digital C-print

72 x 108 inches

Edition of 10  

Price: $12,000



Alex Guofeng Cao

Warhol vs. Mao (bottom)

Digital C-print 

40 x 60 inches

Edition of 10

Price: $6,000  


Alex Guofeng Cao's recent body of work conveys images of popular culture icons in black and white. At first glance, the images look like mosaics of celebrities. Upon closer inspection; however, these icons are composed of a constellation of tiny repetitive images each slightly differing from its neighbors. 




Arthur Huang

Happy Spendings   

Color lithograph 

Image: 20 inches (diameter) 

Paper: 20 3/4 inches (diameter) 

Edition 9 of 10


Price: $600.00 


Arthur Huang reflects on the personal yet commercial enterprise of acquisition, with a painstaking attention to craft and detail. He addresses contemporary society's preoccupation with money and branding, infusing the easily recognizable "Smiley Face" with currency images comprising the eyes. 


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