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September 17, 2012 


Partnership with CAL-PT-FUND

Marilyn Moffat Raising Awareness on Falls Prevention Day


Foundation Shout-Outs

Foundation Trustees & Staff

The Foundation would like to thank the following partner for their generous support through the Partners in Research program: 


Universal SmartComp


Founded in 2000, SmartComp is a national physical medicine network that provides clinical solutions for worker's compensation to expedite the employee's return to work.  








Don't Miss the Kick-Off of the 25th Annual Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge  at National Student Conclave (NSC) 2012

Students are invited to drop by "LobbiBar" at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City on Thursday, November 1 from 8pm-10pm. Join the student coordinators for the 25th Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge to learn more about the Challenge, share fundraising ideas, enjoy complimentary appetizers and kick off NSC 2012!

The President's Sustaining Fund supports Foundation operations that make funding grants, scholarships, and fellowships possible. You can help us to meet our goal of raising $100,000 by making your gift today. Call the Foundation at 800-875-1378 for more information.  




You can help fund physical therapy research that leads to excePTional results by the simple act of making a $10, $20, or $50 monthly or quarterly gift.

Join the excePTional program today.







 Did you know the Foundation is a participating member of the CFC? Federal, military, and postal employees - when your agency approaches you about contributing to the CFC, please consider supporting the Foundation for Physical Therapy 

 CFC #10052.








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Foundation Announces Partnership with CAL-PT-FUND
The Foundation for Physical Therapy is pleased to announce a partne
rship with CAL-PT-FUND. Through this partnership, the CAL-PT-FUND will support grants and scholarships awarded by the Foundation for Physical Therapy to residents of California.


The first beneficiary of this partnership is Sarah Gilliland, PT, DPT, from the University of California, Irvine, who recently received a Promotion for Doctoral Studies (PODS) I Scholarship from the Foundation for Physical Therapy.


Click here for full Press Release.   

Marilyn Moffat Raising Awareness on Falls Prevention Day

Make sure you are tuned in to the Today Show and Good Morning America on Wednesday, September 19th. Marilyn Moffat, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA, CSCS, and New York University physical therapy students will be outside NBC & CBS studios in midtown Manhattan to raise awareness of the Foundation. Students will be wearing bright green shirts with the Foundation's logo

Special thanks to Hygienic/Performance Health, a Bronze Partner in Research for supplying Thera-BandŽ exercise bands for the students to use for demonstrations and to pass out to the crowd. 

Marilyn Moffat Media Day 2011 - cropped 2

Last year longtime Today Show weatherman and feature anchor Al Roker pointed out the group and referenced the Foundation by name!!

Thanks to all who donated at the Row-A-Thon

The Foundation is proud to acknowledge Sam Lee and Bruce Cathcart, who together organized a grassroots fundraising effort to help raise funds and awareness for the Foundation. The event, which was held last month during the Section on Research Retreat at the Beaver Hollow Conference Center in upstate New York, consisted of a canoe Row-A-Thon led by Sam Lee on the lake at the conference center.  


"Super Sam" Lee, assisted by Justin Beebe and Foundation board member Edee Field-Fote, successfully rowed 30 laps and raised $1,530 for the Foundation!


Thanks to all who participated and supported the Foundation with a donation!!Contact us at 800/875-1378 to learn how you can hold an event to benefit the Foundation. 

Summer intern Kasey Duncan, Marquette University physical therapy student, was a huge asset to the Foundation this year. Throughout her ten-week internship, Kasey assisted Foundation staff with countless projects including preparation for Gala and Honors & Awards program at PT2012 in Tampa, Florida, preparing for the 2012-2013 Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge, and maintaining our database of Foundation-funded researchers. The Foundation is sad to see Kasey go and we wish her luck with her future physical therapy studies!

Foundation Shout-Outs


Congratulations and Kudos ...


Congratulations to Mark Lyle, PT, PhD, OCS (2007, 2008 PODS I, 2010 PODS II) on the receipt of his PhD this past May from the University of Southern California.   


Foundation Alumni Publications


"Intermuscular Adipose Tissue is Muscle Specific and Associated with Poor Functional Performance," by Tuttle LJ, Sinacore DR, and Mueller MJ, was published online in the Journal of Aging Research on May 14, 2012. Lori J. Tuttle, PT, MPT, PhD, was awarded Promotion of Doctoral Studies (PODS) I Scholarships in 2007 and 2008 and PODS II Scholarships in 2009 and 2010. David R. Sinacore, PT, PhD, FAPTA, was awarded a Doctoral Training Research Grant in 1989. Michael J. Mueller, PT, PhD, FAPTA, was awarded Doctoral Training Research Grants in 1987 and 1991. *Tuttle's contribution to this research was supported in part from the Foundation.


"Comparison of Unilateral Versus Bilateral Upper Extremity Task Performance after Stroke," by Dejong S and Lang CE, was published in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation (2012;19:294-305). Stacey Dejong, PT, PhD, PCS, was awarded a Florence P. Kendall Scholarship in 2007, a PODS I Scholarship in 2008, a PODS II Scholarship in 2010, and a New Investigator Fellowship Training Initiative in 2012. Catherine E. Lang, PT, PhD, was awarded a PODS I Scholarship in 1999 and a PODS II Scholarship in 2000. *DeJong's contribution to this research was supported in part from the Foundation.


"New Portable Tool to Screen Vestibular and Visual Function-National Institutes of Health Toolbox Initiative," by Rine RM, Roberts D, Corbin BA, McKean-Cowdin R, Varma R, Beaumont J, Slotkin J, and Schubert MC, was published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (2012;49:209-20). Rose Marie Rine, PT, PhD, was awarded a Pediatric Research Grant in 2000. Michael C. Schubert, PT, PhD, was awarded a PODS II Scholarship in 2000 and a Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge Research Grant in 2005.


"Psychometric Properties of Selected Tests in Patients with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis," by Cleland JA, Whitman JM, Houser JL, Wainner RS, and Childs JD, was published online in The Spine Journal on June 27, 2012. Joshua A. Cleland, PT, MPT, DPT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT, was awarded a Magistro Family Research Grant in 2007. John D. Childs, PT, MBA, PhD, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT, was awarded a PODS I Scholarship in 2001 and a Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge Research Grant in 2004.