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March 2011

Welcome to the Volunteer E-Update; your monthly update on activities for the CERT, RACES and Fire Corps programs.
This Month...
March 1RACES Meeting (6:15- 8:15 PM)
Topic:  RACES Trailer

March 5CERT Training Class (9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Topic:  Medical Operations I and II
North Net Training Center, 2400 E. Orangewood Ave.  Pre-registration is required to attend the class.  Class fee is $20.00 for enrollment in the class series.  Class schedule begins in March and meets one Saturday per month through July 2011.  Register online:  CERT Class Registration or call (714) 765-6955 or email 

March 5Radio License Testing (10:30 AM - 12:30 PM)
North Net Training Center, 2400 E. Orangewood Ave.  Pre-registration is required to test for your radio license.  Register by calling Rich at (714) 345-9547 or email  Testing fee is:  $15 check payable to ARRL/VEC or exact cash.

March 8:  CERT Meeting (6:30 - 8:30 PM)
Topic:  CERT Team Organization review and tabletop exercise.  Review your CERT manual Team Organization chapter.

Looking Ahead...

April 2CERT Training Class (9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Topic:  Disaster Psychology & Fire Suppression
North Net Training Center, 2400 E. Orangewood Ave.  Pre-registration is required to attend the class.  Register online:  CERT Class Registration or call (714) 765-6955 or email

April 5RACES Meeting (6:15- 8:15 PM)
Topic:  Amateur Television (ATV)

April 12:  CERT Meeting (6:30 - 8:30 PM)
Topic:  Animals in Disaster.  Presentation by the Southern California Animal Response Team.  *Bring a Pound of Pasta to the meeting to continue with our challenge.

April 14How You Can Protect Older Adults in your Faith Community -- FREE training.  (9:00 AM - 1:30 PM - Complimentary Lunch with RSVP).  Limited seating is available.
Topic:  Elder abuse, who is affected, when and where does it happen and what you can do to help.
Location:  Anaheim Family Justice Center, 150 W. Vermont Ave., Anaheim CA 92805 
RSVP:  Dr. Kerry Burnight, Chair (949) 370-3262
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer OpportunitiesPlease call (714) 765-6955 or email if you are available to assist with these upcoming volunteer opportunities: 

Fire Administration Office
Weekday mornings or afternoons
Help is needed with various clerical assignments.

CERT Training Class
8:00 am - 1:30 pm, Saturdays once a month
North Net Training Center, 2400 E. Orangewood Ave.
Classes are scheduled for the following Saturdays:  March 5, April 2, May 14, June 11 and July 16.  Help is needed with class registration, assisting with setting up and putting away class equipment.  This is a great opportunity to review the class as a refresher.

Storm Assistance through March
OneOC is currently seeking volunteers to assist canyon residents with storm recovery, including debris removal, making lunches, etc.  Efforts are being organized by the Inter Canyon League (this is not an Anaheim CERT event - Do Not wear CERT or RACES uniform).  If you wish to volunteer contact:  Colleen at  The Inter-Canyon League is accepting monetary donations through their Website at


Triage Simulator
Review Your Triage Skills
Each one of us needs skills refresher from time to time.  Some of you may be interested in practicing or learning more on your own. 

We've been able to provide a link to a Triage Skills Simulator.  The simulator will walk you through an accident scene and utilizing the principles of "Start where you stand" you will be able to read the victim information and tag them.

Practice using the simulator and improve your skills today!


Pound of Pasta Challenge
Help feed Anaheim Motel Kids

Watch the video about Bruno's efforts:

Bruno Serato, owner and chef of the Anaheim White House, has been feeding Anaheim's poorest children healthy meals each day at the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim.  As a result of the economy, it has been harder for Bruno to fund feeding the kids as he now feeds more families for free than meals he sells at his restaurant.

The Anaheim Fire Department has begun a campaign, led by firefighters from Station 3, to support Bruno in his efforts.  Your challenge:  bring a pound of pasta (box or bag) every meeting!  Get your friends and neighbors to help you out and bring their pasta too! 

So far our volunteers have contributed over 90 pounds of pasta (540 servings). 

Mary Jo Flynn
City of Anaheim Fire Dept.