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September 19, 2012
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Obamacare and Predatory Federalism: Talking Points on the Role of State Exchanges in Obamacare
     Michael Cannon, the director of health policy studies at the Cato Institute and former domestic policy analyst for the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee, has done extensive research on Obamacare and has been watching its implementation. The following talking points are adapted from his various articles, papers, and a Capitol Hill briefing, cited below:
  •  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, is like a stool that stands on three legs: the pre-existing condition provision, the individual mandate, and the premium assistance tax credits hold up the law.
  •  According to section 1311 of Obamacare, states "shall" create exchanges in order to receive the tax credits for low to moderate income people. The law restricts the tax credits to those exchanges created by the states because the credits were meant as an incentive for the states to create the exchanges.
  • According to section 1321 of Obamacare, in a state that refuses to set up an exchange, the federal government creates an exchange for the state; however, the law states 6 times that the tax credits are only for those exchanges created by the states.
  •  Several states have been adamant about not creating the health care exchanges, namely Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, South Carolina, and Florida. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed setting up an exchange in his state in May of this year, and Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire (a Democrat) also vetoed the initiative in his state. Check to see how your state is handling Obamacare's exchange provision here.
  • Employers who fail to provide what the federal government defines as "essential coverage" to employees are liable to a tax as high as $3,000 per employee. However, if a state refuses to set up an exchange and the federal government sets one up for that state instead, according to the letter of the law, the employer does not incur the tax. States that do not set up an exchange are not subjecting their employers to the tax. 
  •  In order to close this state-exchange loophole in the law, the IRS disregarded Obamacare's statutory language on May 18, 2012, by declaring that the tax credit will apply to the federally created exchanges. This is an illegal action by the IRS that will increase deficit spending tremendously.
  • After the Supreme Court's decision in June upholding Obamacare, the law can be overturned by administrative action or by the Congressional Review Act. Contact your Governor today and urge him or her not to create an exchange in your state!
     To learn more about the illegal IRS action concerning state exchanges under Obamacare, watch Michael Cannon's presentation on Capitol Hill last week.

For more reading on this issue:

NFRW Campaign Committee Introduces: Women Swing the Vote 2012, Part 2 

     In honor of National Voter Registration Week, which stretches from September 16 through the 23rd, and National Get Out the Vote week, which stretches from October 7th through the 13th, the NFRW publishes the second part of the Campaign Committee's Women Swing the Vote 2012. The complete document can be found on the NFRW website.
Swing the Vote in the Swing States:
     If you are fortunate enough to live in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, or Wisconsin, you will probably have an opportunity to see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on tour. These are important swing states for our candidates and a chance for you and your club to shine. 
     Put a group of club members together to attend a Romney-Ryan rally when they come to your state. Make signs such as: FLORIDA FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN, and WOMEN SWING THE VOTE FOR ROMNEY-RYAN. It is your chance to let the country know that women DO support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Go to MittRomney.com and study the candidates' stand on the issues in case you are asked why women are supporting the Republican ticket. You never know when a microphone may pop up.
Letters to the Editor: 

     Letters to the editor of your local newspaper can be a very powerful tool to express your conservative ideas. As you may know, women's issues have been at the forefront this election year. The so called "War on Women" needs to be addressed. As a women's organization our main focus should be women and what this President has done to them. 

1.) 800,000 more women are in poverty since Obama took office. 
2.) Obama's bleak economy has caused educational opportunities to vanish and strained the family budget.
3.) Four times more men than women are getting jobs.
4.) Hispanic women are the fastest and largest growing poverty group in America. 
5.) 7.5 million women are in severe poverty.

     Romney and Ryan have the economic intellect to grasp women's issues and bring women back to opportunity and prosperity. We need to write about the conservative woman's viewpoint and what it means to this election. Letters to the Editor are a great way to get our message out. Research on the MittRomney.com website and submit your letters to your local newspaper.
Women 4 Women Swing the Vote: 
     If your local club has 100% participation in this program you will receive an Outstanding Participation Certificate from the NFRW. Each member of a participating club will acquire 4 voter registration forms from their local election commission and sign up at least 4 new voters. 100% participation will be considered 4 times your paid membership. Example: if you have 50 paid members in your club you will have to register 200 new voters to be eligible for a certificate.
Your club president or a club member can pick up enough registration forms for everyone in your group since the election commission is always happy to hand them out. Those clubs with 100% participation should send their names to their state presidents. The presidents will report the club names and addresses to the NFRW Campaign Committee Chairwoman, Shirley Ward, at ward38019@aol.com to receive their certificates. 
Opening Day Breakfast: 
      1) On the first day of early voting in your state, plan a breakfast at a restaurant near the voting location. You can also tail gate a breakfast with coffee and donuts at the location of early voting. Invite your club and guests to participate and go to vote in a large group to encourage early voting. 
     2) Be sure to notify your local newspaper of the event and take pictures to write your own article later. 
     3) Some of your club members can call local phone numbers to make sure that people have taken advantage of early voting. Exciting voters about voting can make a big difference in the outcome of an election. 
    4) Be sure that Romney signs are located around early voting locations and you may also put up a canopy if it is 30 feet away from the entrance of the polling place. You can serve candy or coffee and donuts to the public on the first day of early voting. Use your club sign. Dare to make a difference!