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Legislative News for the Week of November 7, 2011

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Presient Obama Continues to Demonstrate Lack of Respect for U.S.-Israeli Relationship
Voter ID Legislative Update
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President Obama Continues to Demonstrate Lack of

Respect for US-Israeli Relationship




During the G20 Summit last week in Cannes, France, President Obama was heard making disparaging remarks about the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to French President Nicolas Sarkozy.


President Sarkozy called Netanyahu a "liar" to which President Obama responded, "You're fed up with him - I have to deal with him everyday." The conversation was leaked after both men were overheard when they believed their microphones had been switched off.


Yet again, President Obama has shown a serious lack of judgement with his comments regarding the Israeli Prime Minister. His comments place an even greater strain on an already tense relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu because of the Obama Administration's careless and caustic approach to the United States' relationship with Israel. 


Earlier this year, President Obama created tension when he called on Israel to return to their pre-1967 borders in negotiations with Palestinians.


Call President Obama and tell him it is time to start treating Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel with respect! 


You can reach the White House Comment Line

at (202)-456-1111.


VOTER ID Legislative Update


Tuesday's elections brought new developments in the fight to implement Voter ID legislation in all 50 states...


In Maine, voters overturned a bill that was passed by the Republican-controlled legislature to end the practice of same-day voter registration and required voters to register at least two days prior to heading to the polls.  The bill was overturned with 60% of the vote. 


Mississippi became the 31st state to implement legislation that requires voters to show an ID before they vote.  If you do not have an ID, you may vote on a provisional ballot and show a proper photo ID to election officials in the next few days for your vote to count.  The battle is not over since the new change must be approved by the Justice Department. Officials have not stated whether or not they will accept the change to state election law.