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Legislative News for the Week of March 28, 2011
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A Roadmap for America's Energy Future

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This time around, Republicans control the redistricting process in almost 20 states and almost four times the number of Congressional districts where Democrats are in charge.

A Roadmap for America's Energy Future

 House Republicans are taking the lead to lay out a concrete plan for our energy future with the introduction of "A Roadmap for America's Energy Future" legislation.


At the beginning of March, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chairman of the House Budget Committee Paul Ryan (R-WI), Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID), and Rep Rob Bishop (UT-1) introduced  "A Roadmap for America's Energy Future" which is a comprehensive energy plan to address the critical challenges constituting our current energy crisis.


The "Energy Roadmap" seeks to replace current US energy policy with initiatives that address both our short and long term energy needs.  The bill is budget neutral and delivers lower energy prices, enhanced energy security and lasting economic growth.


The bill increases our capability to supply more of our energy domestically by lifting restrictions on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Outer Continental Shelf and oil shale in the Mountain West.   It also eliminates barriers to expand the use of our extensive coal supplies to fill the tanks of American military vehicles and jets.


In order to reduce electricity costs and to provide enough base-load energy for the expansion of hybrid and advanced electric vehicles, the Energy Roadmap will triple our nation's nuclear energy capacity .  Nuclear energy is a carbon free energy source that will help ensure that 75% of the electricity generated here is carbon emission free.


The bill recognizes the importance of not being dependent upon a single fuel source for our national interest and establishes a renewable energy trust fund to promote wide scale development of affordable alternatives.  The trust fund will be financed through revenue generated by new fossil fuel development that recognizes the development of conventional energy does not have to be contrary to the long term goal of renewables.


The Energy Roadmap goes above and beyond the Obama Administration's carbon reduction goals.  The key to this is the carbon reductions will not require massive energy rate hikes on American consumers. -Information Courtesy of  The "All of the above" Energy Solution, Office of Congressman Devin Nunes


For more information on this bill, please visit www.nunes.house.gov.

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